【Maintain lasting gain, Aolong’s unique anti-aging technology】Projection screen technology introduct

【Maintain lasting gain, Aolong’s unique anti-aging technology】Projection screen technology introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-11-09
For a long time, the plastic screen of the white plastic screen has the problem of gradually yellowing and aging after using for a period of time. The glass bead screen will have the problem of the glass bead falling off and the adhesive oxidation will cause the screen surface to turn yellow, while the metal screen has the problem The metal particles exposed to the air are oxidized and the gain will gradually decrease. Therefore, there is a common phenomenon in projection screens that the gain decreases after the service life exceeds a certain period and the color casts.
Before spraying, the Aolong projection screen uses a unique pretreatment technology to make the raw materials form a stable state, which can effectively prevent the reflective particles from being combined with oxygen ions after being exposed to the air, avoiding the risk of oxidation, and thus can last Maintain a stable gain without the problem of oxidation color cast.
In addition, the surface of the Aolong projection screen has undergone anti-static treatment, which is not easy to absorb dust, which reduces the impact of dust on reflection and ensures that the gain will not be reduced due to dust pollution. Even in the dry and dusty north, the Aolong projection screen can maintain a stable gain for a long time.
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