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Maintenance And Cleaning of Projection Screen

Maintenance And Cleaning of Projection Screen


With the improvement of technology, the industry of projector and projector screen have rapidly developed. Nowadays, home theater has become a popular concept in our life. In order to enhance the viewing experience, most of the families will select the mid-high end projector screen to fit their projector. People always forget to maintain and clean the screen that makes the screen getting dirtier. Projector screen is one of the most significant elements of home theater, it should be well protected. Let’s read the following tips to protect your projector screen!


1. Clean small area of dirt and dust

There will be dust on the surface of screen after long time of using which will impact the effect and lifespan of projector screen. We can use the following items to clean:

(1) Use feather duster clean the dust and small spot on the surface.

(2) Use rubber clean non invasive stain. (Please use rubber in white and clean with good quality, otherwise, it will become dirtier than before)


2. Clean liquid stains and large area stains

If the screen is polluted by liquid stains or large area stains, we will apply detergent.

(1) Make sure the PH value is neutral.

(2) Don’t use oily detergent or cleaner with brightener. Use water based cleaner or volatile foam cleaner that will cause less damage on the screen. (We highly recommend the detergent for cleaning the shirt’s collar in supermarket.)

(3) Since the surface of screen is uneven, we should use the polymer sponge to erase after the the dirt is fully softened by detergent.


3. Clean oily stains

(1) Dipped little deoiling solvent with cotton ball to erase the stain.

(2) Then use purified water or neutral cleaner dilute the stain and absorb.

(Remark: this method can erase part of oily stain but can not remove the color stain.

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