Make teaching more vivid School projection screen purchase guide Business projection screen purchase

[Make teaching more vivid School projection screen purchase guide] Business projection screen purchase common sense

by:XY Screens     2021-11-05
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Market background of educational projection screens:
In recent years, in order to improve the quality of teaching and make school education richer and more vivid, more and more ordinary classrooms have been transformed into multimedia classrooms. The projection system has stepped onto the stage of history as a brand-new educational equipment. As the key to the multimedia classroom, the procurement of the projection system instantly became the focus. Projector manufacturers at home and abroad all stepped into the battle, 'BMW' doubled out, dazzling the education procurement staff EPSON, SAMSUNG, Mitsubishi, Optoma... A little analysis, the procurement staff can always buy a satisfactory projector.
The procurement of another important equipment of the projection system-the projection screen is always a big concern for education buyers. The reasons for the analysis are roughly as follows: First, the constraints of the traditional purchasing concept of the projection system have affected the purchasing staff's judgment on the importance of the screen. In the past, especially among ordinary users, most people think that buying a projector is enough, just buying a screen or using a white wall is just fine. Affected by this kind of thinking, only the initial purchase is considered for the purchase of projection screens. The cost saving does not pay attention to the overall cost and long-term use cost of the system. Second, due to market misleading, projection screen manufacturers have also insufficient awareness of the importance of educational projection screens, so there are few professional educational projection screens on the market. This has also led to the lack of choice for screens for purchasers of educational projection systems.
Key points of purchasing educational projection screens:
Although it is the same projection system, the requirements for the product are also different due to the different objects of use. This is why the projector is divided into household, commercial, engineering, etc., and projection screens are the same. Through analyzing the special use environment of educational projectors and interviewing and investigating educational purchasers, we have put forward the following three procurement priorities for projector screens:
First, wide viewing angle.
Different from the private audio-visual room, the use environment of educational projection is a spacious classroom, and the audience is all the students in the classroom. To ensure the fairness of student learning, it is necessary to ensure that the students on both sides of the classroom can also see the clear projection teaching content, which means that even the positions on both sides of the classroom are within the perspective of the projection screen. According to the general classroom layout, the viewing angle of the screen must reach a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees or more.
Second, high gain.
In recent years, the visual health of students has gradually declined. For this reason, the Ministry of Education clearly stipulates that sufficient light and air circulation in the classroom should be fully ensured during multimedia teaching. Leaving the enclosed dark environment, higher brightness requirements are put forward on the projection screen. First of all, the projection screen must have a certain degree of resistance to ambient light, so that it can be used in a bright environment with doors and windows open. Secondly, only by ensuring the high brightness of the screen can it be ensured that the students sitting in the back row of the classroom can clearly see the teaching content displayed on the screen.
Third, cost savings.
Energy saving, consumption reduction, and cost control are the primary issues that all enterprises and institutions attach great importance to. The correct and reasonable configuration of the projection system can not only save the initial purchase cost, but also save the use cost. On the one hand, every time the projector brightness increases by 1,000 lumens, its price will increase by 10,000 yuan. The screen gain can be used to increase the screen brightness, which can save the purchase cost of the projector; on the other hand, the projector's lumens can be reduced, which can effectively reduce Power consumption, saving electricity costs; finally, with the use of high-gain screens, you can effectively maintain the projector bulb, prolong its service life, and save the cost of replacing the bulb.
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