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Market analysis and characteristics of wireless smart LED advertising machine_led advertising machine | electronic advertising machine | advertising machine manufacturers

by:XY Screens     2021-09-01
Market analysis of wireless smart LED advertising machine: In the development trend and trend of the future era, intelligence and energy saving have undoubtedly become the main theme of modernization. Whether it is people's daily necessities, digital IT technology products, or outdoor advertising media industry, all walks of life are striving to constantly refresh in the direction of more intelligent and energy-saving. With the continuous advancement of social informatization, the digital dissemination of public information has become an irreversible trend. It is based on this that, as a representative of digital tools, advertising machines have ushered in an explosive period of application, especially in the market prospects. Broad retail media market segment. Whether in crowded shopping malls, hospitals, building elevators and other public places, or in orderly government agencies, enterprises and institutions, advertising machines have become an existence that cannot be ignored. The advertising player market is dominated by liquid crystal LCD displays. In recent years, with the technological development and cost reduction of LED displays, LED advertising players are quickly entering the market and replacing LCD advertising players. Through several years of development of traditional LED advertising machines, due to the maturity of technology and the improvement of the industrial chain, the homogeneity phenomenon has caused the entire industry to fall into a bottleneck period. No matter in terms of product form design and applicability, traditional LED advertising players cannot meet the extensive needs of customers. To seize the retail media advertising machine market, the challenge for LED manufacturers is to seek innovative advertising machines that are closer to the practical needs of customers. Under this competitive pressure, Huaze Optoelectronics has created an innovative advertising machine after half a year of market research and technological exploration. The 3C intelligent wireless LED advertising machine is new in light, thin and light weight, which can be moved by only one person, WIFI connection, multi-screen creative splicing, plug-and-play, etc., to achieve the customer needs of lightweight form and intelligent application. Uniqueness of outdoor LED advertising player 1. Monopolistic communication: In traditional TV communication, the audience has relative initiative-when a TV program is switched to an advertisement, the public is more willing to change channels, and subjectively avoids 'ad bombing'. To a certain extent, the effect of advertising information dissemination has been weakened. The audience can choose when to watch, what to watch, and change channels at any time, which is not ideal for advertising. The special media communication of outdoor LCD advertising machine, due to its uniqueness and compulsiveness, makes 'monopoly' a major advantage. 2. Instant transmission: Traditional TV must sit in a fixed place to watch. This is a luxury for people who are busy with work during the day. The emergence of outdoor LCD advertising machines allows mobile people to watch anytime and anywhere, and obtain more updated information, which greatly meets the information needs of people in the fast-paced society, and at the same time enriches the cultural life of citizens. 3. Wide audience: The large number of mobile people is the biggest advantage of the outdoor LCD advertising machine audience. This feature makes the outdoor LCD advertising machine have a broad living space, and there is no need to worry about being squeezed by traditional TVs. The tentacles of the LCD advertising system can be extended to various systems such as urban buses, subways, taxis and even railway trains. According to statistics, the annual train carrying capacity across the country reached an astonishing number of 1.3 billion passengers in 2003. Such a huge audience market is the 'blind spot' of traditional TV, which just makes the LCD advertising system dominate. I believe everyone knows how high its potential commercial value is. 4. Digitalization of technology: It is undeniable that every technological innovation will promote the leap-forward development of social productivity, and the media industry's dependence on technology is even more obvious. Digital mobile TV adopts digital technology with high technological content and strong technological innovation. The original CRT display is gradually being replaced by lighter and thinner liquid crystal displays. Outdoor LCD advertising players have become the trend of future radio and television development. 5. Internal accessibility: The liquid crystal advertising information release system is prepared and constructed by enterprises and merchants. The audience does not need to increase personal investment and consumption costs, but only pays 'attention' resources. This is easy for the public to accept. In response to this, the popularization of LCD advertising is a business that can be profitable and has the nature of social welfare. In recent years, the emergence of outdoor advertising machines has replaced traditional paper media, which has taken a big step forward in energy conservation and environmental protection. This is a contribution to the development of social intelligent technology and also the development trend of intelligent outdoor advertising. As a high-definition LED display manufacturer, Huaze Optoelectronics also adheres to the concept of intelligent technology display systems, and is committed to creating outdoor display standard customizers. It is with such avant-garde and rigorous research and development spirit that the intelligent outdoor LCD advertising machine developed by Huaze has been sold overseas and won many praises in the industry. Huaze Optoelectronics will continue to build this 3C intelligent wireless LED advertising machine product, adding more humane and intelligent design in the future to meet the growing demand for retail media.
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