Market observation: miniature projection will become the new trend of cinema in the future-XY Screen

Market observation: miniature projection will become the new trend of cinema in the future

by:XY Screens     2021-09-11
Many people now hope to set up a home theater in their own home. When the whole family gathers together and sits in front of the home theater to watch movies and TV, the mini projector. That kind of happy scene makes all people fascinated. With the continuous improvement of living conditions, consumption levels and enjoyment ability, people have begun to be dissatisfied with the traditional TV combined home theater effect. In order to pursue better audio-visual effects and the shocking enjoyment of super-large screens, projector home theaters will undoubtedly become the choice of the new generation. The mini projector home theater is mainly composed of a projector, a projection screen, and a combined audio system. Wireless projector. Get rid of the shortcomings of traditional TVs such as large size, small screen, inconvenient transportation, etc., and realize that you can watch movies at home without being restricted by time and place, and without the limitations caused by too small screens. Home theater. (1) It is suitable for people with large houses, large living rooms, and high-end residences pursuing high-quality life. For example, villas, high-end apartments, etc., these houses have large living rooms. The living rooms of houses with a construction area of u200bu200bmore than 100 square meters are often more than 30 square meters. There is no problem in setting up a home theater on the opposite side of the sofa as the center of family entertainment. Wireless projector direct sales. And the super-large screen and high-definition picture enjoy more the owner's taste and the style of the home. (2) The audio-visual effect is better, integrating the advantages of traditional home theater and theater. Many people say that the effect of traditional home theater is very different from the effect of theater or movie theater, because the visual effects that ordinary TV can bring to you are very limited, and the audio-visual facilities of theaters are much better than TV sets, such as his The sound system placement is more flexible. Of course, if we use projectors to build a home theater, wireless projector brand. Its advantages may even surpass theaters, miniature projectors can get rid of the defects of traditional TV, it can bring us high-definition, large-screen enjoyment, and also It can avoid the shortcomings of large audiences and large space in the theater that affect the auditory effect. (3) Super large projection screen, super visual enjoyment. The advantage of the mini projector is also reflected in its large screen. The screen of traditional TV and educational equipment is too small to be suitable for home theater. Although plasma can take care of both, but the price is very expensive. No matter what kind of TV it seems to be unable to achieve the super-large picture, super-large viewing angle video effect. When the projector enters the home, it can make up for this vacancy. The home projector can normally project high-definition ranging from 60 to 150 inches. (4) A variety of multimedia interfaces, network interfaces, to achieve real home appliance interconnection. The diversity of the connection between the micro projector and the computer is also unmatched by other TVs. Except for the common video and audio interfaces, the network interface is unique to the projector. The computer transmits display information to the projector through the network, and at the same time monitors the status of the projector and manages the settings. With the gradual popularity of wireless networks, wireless network technology has also been well applied in projectors. Wireless technology frees the projector from the complicated cables, thus bringing a broader market prospect to home applications. (5) Relatively low price. With the continuous improvement and maturity of projector technology, wireless projector advertising. The price of projectors is no longer prohibitive, and micro projectors are gradually entering our lives. At present, the price of projectors has exceeded the 10,000 yuan mark. , For example, EMP-S4 is currently a hot-selling projector on the market with a value of less than 10,000 yuan, which is very popular with consumers. (6) High-quality and efficient installation service. Now projectors can be installed and debugged free of charge according to customer needs, free maintenance during the warranty period, and lifetime maintenance. (7) The operation is simple and convenient. At present, the operation of the projector is similar to that of the TV, and they are all controlled by the remote control period, which is flexible and convenient together in hand. With just one tap, you can enjoy the large screen and high-definition visual enjoyment that the projector brings to you. In developed countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, and Japan, the ratio of home projectors has exceeded 25%. In China, this market is still just getting started. We believe that with the gradual improvement of the home environment of the Chinese people, the improvement of people's quality of life, and the rise of enjoyment taste, projectors will surely replace traditional video products into our lives.
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