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Market observation The development situation of China's cinema industry is very good

by:XY Screens     2021-09-11
Nowadays, with the development of 2D to 3D to 4D movies, the position of cinema in the Chinese film market is becoming more and more important, and it has become the most important link in the film industry to realize profits. At the same time, China's access policy for film screenings is also constantly being adjusted, and foreign and foreign capital is also pouring in, and China's theater construction is showing a trend of rapid development. Cinemas and movie theaters are undoubtedly one of the most popular areas of China's current cultural industry. In recent years, China's movie box office has grown rapidly, and investment in movie theaters and movie theaters is very hot. All kinds of capital are very optimistic about the investment of movie theaters, no matter if it is an old brand. Of the theater companies are still cutting-edge theater stars, and they all want to get a share of the future movies. The current Chinese film industry is going through a period of leapfrogging, which can be said to be a new business opportunity. Since 2008, foreign capital has entered the Chinese market at a rapid rate, mainly due to the fact that China’s film industry is not saturated. China’s urban population is twice that of the United States, but the number of screens is only one-fifth of that of the United States, especially in small and medium-sized China. Cities especially lack movie-watching resources, and there is a huge gap in the screen. Some far-sighted foreign businessmen have formally set their goal in China, which has a small box office base and the world's highest average annual growth rate. In the first nine months of 2014 (national movie box office revenue of 21.949 billion yuan), the domestic movie box office has exceeded the total box office of 2013 (21.769 billion yuan), and the year-on-year box office growth in the first nine months reached 33.63%. At the same time, the number of movie viewers in 2013 was 613.4 million, and the number of movie viewers in 2014 is expected to exceed 800 million, and the number of screens will increase to more than 20,000. As the box office of theaters increases year by year and the annual box office of a single theater exceeds 100 million yuan With the emergence of cinema investment companies, the distribution of theater investment companies in each box office area will gradually increase. It is precisely because of the rapid growth of box office that a large amount of capital will be attracted to enter the film terminal field. The age of Chinese cinema audiences is divided into 6 stages, which are 19 years old and below, 20-29 years old, 30-39 years old, 40-49 years old, 50-59 years old, 60 years old and above. The survey results show that audiences aged 19 and below accounted for 28.3% of the entire survey population, 20-29 years old accounted for 37.3%, 30-39 years old accounted for 19.9%, and people aged 40 and above accounted for a relatively small proportion. Accounted for 14.4%. In terms of age, young audiences have become the main group of Chinese cinema audiences. The main factors for Chinese audiences to go to the theater to watch movies are the following five factors: good reputation of the film, large scale of publicity, theater promotional offers, and going to the theater during a date or a blind date. Among them, the good reputation of the film accounted for 59.1% of the driving factors; followed by the large-scale publicity of the film to attract audiences to the theater to watch the film accounted for 44.7%. Promotional activities carried out by local theaters have also encouraged viewers to enter the theaters to a certain extent. Compared with the above factors, as a leisure place, the comfortable environment of the theater has also become the reason for people to patronize. The development trend of the Chinese cinema market is optimistic, and modern multi-hall cinemas continue to rise in shopping malls. 'One county, one shadow' created by localities relying on regional cultural characteristics. Experts in the construction of TimeCreation Cinema pointed out that today's Chinese cinemas have entered a period of rapid rejuvenation, and the cinema market in the future will develop tremendously!
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