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Media's expectations, our actions-BIRTV2013 New Year media meeting

by:XY Screens     2021-09-15
On February 26, 2013, the BIRTV Organizing Committee held the BIRTV2013 New Year Media Meeting in Beijing. Mr. Sun Kelin, deputy chairman of the BIRTV Organizing Committee, released the theme of BIRTV2013 and made a preliminary introduction to the time, place and content arrangement of the 2013 exhibition. The BIRTV2013 exhibition will be held in Beijing from August 21-24, 2013. The BIRTV Organizing Committee determined the theme of BIRTV2013 as 'Media Expectations and Our Actions' based on the overall grasp and detailed analysis of the industry and technology development situation in 2013. Broadcasting and television media stand at the forefront of communication applications, and have the most urgent expectations and fundamental needs for enriching creation and improving quality. As the preferred platform for gathering industry forces, integrating superior resources, disseminating advanced ideas, and promoting innovative development, BIRTV must move with the times, with the situation, and with needs. Because of the time is to create opportunities and seize the opportunity; to follow the situation is to judge the general trend and take advantage of the situation; to meet the needs is to follow the needs and meet the needs. Pay attention to creation, pay attention to application, pay attention to development, look forward to being king! Face the media, face the industry, face the user, and act as the guideline! BIRTV2013 will continue to strengthen its work in four aspects: enriching the exhibition content, innovating the exhibition format, improving the service items, and enhancing the exhibition effect. First of all, the organizing committee will organize the latest and best content, closely focus on the theme of the exhibition, adhere to content production as the core, serve the broadcasting and television as its own responsibility, and highlight the leading role of BIRTV as the industry's technology development vane. BIRTV2013 will focus on displaying all-media, ultra-high-definition and professional audio production and other aspects of content, and conform to the expectations of the media, focusing on strengthening the construction of broadcasting, film and television communication capacity, innovative program production technology, and content creativity. Secondly, BIRTV2013 will further innovate the exhibition format, adhere to the exhibition technology and equipment of works, and comprehensively use conferences, awards, theme exhibition areas and other forms to meet exhibitors' display requirements, attract more audiences, and enhance exhibition effects. Finally, BIRTV2013 will implement the purpose of 'serving users, serving manufacturers, and serving the development of the broadcasting and film industry. On the other hand, we continue to strengthen the role of international platforms, actively promote national brands to go global, and show the character of Chinese media to the world. Wonderful activities, substantial content. BIRTV2013 will meet you at the China International Exhibition Center with a new attitude and outlook. Facing expectations, enriching content, strengthening services, and focusing on experience. In 2013, BIRTV has taken action!
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