Micro-projection expansion, there will be 12 million units worldwide by 2016-XY Screens-img

Micro-projection expansion, there will be 12 million units worldwide by 2016

by:XY Screens     2021-09-10
Due to people’s greater preference for large screens, coupled with the popularity of mobile content and the emergence of innovative applications, DLP® Pico technology products are rapidly increasing. At present, global mobile phone shipments are 2 billion pieces/year, of which smart phones are 1 billion pieces/year, which provides space for embedded projection applications! The digitalization, networking, and multimedia interconnection of projection display technology have been realized. The core components of projection products include light source lighting system, color separation and color processing system, projection lens, image signal processing circuit, micro display device, etc. In terms of display effects, the current projection products have been fully able to meet the needs of users. Of course, the expectations of users for products are endless. Users want more compact and portable products with more perfect colors, and it is best to carry projection products that can be used at any time; and they hope that the product is more cost-effective, not just the price of the product. In terms of cost performance and maintenance, it can be simplified. The magic of digital content is that it can be used anytime, anywhere. DLP micro-projection technology allows the smallest size product to deliver the largest size image, which helps users make better use of their digital content and share it well. Our new TRP pixel architecture will provide higher brightness and efficiency, allowing manufacturers to apply micro-projection technology to smaller new devices and new applications. Long before this type of digital content became popular, PMA predicted that with the continuous popularization of micro-projection products, there will be 12 million micro-projectors worldwide by 2016. TI DLP is working closely with manufacturers to apply the new TRP architecture to products.
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