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micro projectors & pico projectors - biggest technology of 2010?

by:XY Screens     2019-12-24
10 years ago, if you had considered the projection and the projector itself, you might have thought of a cinema, perhaps a plain multimedia projector that provides low resolution (
The best thing at the time was 640xrmb-
In most modern phones like Apple\'s iPhone, the resolution has been broken).
But for the past 10 years, manufacturers of large and small technology in the audio-visual field have been researching and developing the idea of handheld miniature projectors.
The first generation of micro projectors was launched in mid-late 2008/early 2009, and we have started to see a wave of 2nd generation pocket projectors, such as 3m mpro 120 and AAXA P2 pico projectors.
This highlights the speed of development in the field of micro-projectors.
While the resolution of the first generation micro projector is less than 640x480, we are now starting to see a higher resolution.
The second wave micro projector launched has better resolution, such as 800x600, and even higher, nearHD resolutions.
The technologies behind these developments include laser-based visual drives that couple red, green and blue lasers with mirror-based light into one module (MEM)
The system provides a clear, bright, and automatically focused laser projection.
LCD-based pico projectors are also supported by news, and Syndiant, a small LCD producer in the United States, has successfully produced some high-resolution LCD displays with sizes less than 1 cm
These micro-displays will enable micro-projector manufacturers to produce pico with higher resolution in smaller and smaller sizes.
So what will the third wave of the pico projector look like?
2010 could be a great year for pocket projectors --
With a high definition micro projector that is likely to fit in your hands, the battery life is also likely to be longer, by something like li-ion.
Other features that may appear in the third generation micro projector will be wi-
With fi support, the gadget has more memory and higher brightness and contrast.
The third generation of handheld projectors will be a truly epic gadget, and the evolution around this technology means that as embedded pico projectors become smaller and smaller, more and more different types of gadgets will begin to be more efficient to use, don\'t be surprised if you see a net
Book with a pico projector by the end of 2010!
If you ask me, the micro projector is most likely the biggest technology of 2010!
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