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microsoft unveils a big windows update and virtual reality hand controllers

by:XY Screens     2020-02-25
People jump between computers, mobile phones and smart home speakers on the go.
New updates from Microsoft (MSFT)
The operating system will keep multiple devices on the same page, so projects that start on the Surface Laptop while working can be done online on Starbucks\'s iPhone.
The Fall Creators Update is one of the major announcements released at the Microsoft Build developer conference in Seattle on Thursday.
Here is the next step for the company.
The next big update to Windows 10 will try to bridge the gap between Windows 10 and devices running iOS and Android.
The timeline accurately remembers what you did on your computer so you can narrow down the time in time to see what app, website or file you were doing this morning.
It should make it easier for you to get back to work when you switch devices.
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This is another way for you to do anything on your computer.
One seemingly simple task that is hard to accomplish on multiple devices is copy and paste.
The clipboard is a tool that lets you copy something on your Windows 10 computer and paste it into other Windows, iPhone, or Android apps.
Windows will also start to look a little fresher.
Developers use a smooth design when creating an application.
The result will be some subtle design changes such as different lighting, depth and motion effects.
Microsoft will combine your original video clips and photos into cute little movies.
The Windows 10 Story mix app will allow you to adjust and customize your creations and add audio tracks and custom titles.
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Editorial trends. Apple (AAPL)
In its photo app and Google (GOOG)
Included in Google Photos.
And some third-
Party tools for automatic editing, such as replay.
ITunes came to the Microsoft store to be good news for the few people who love iTunes and the masses who insist on using iTunes because they have already invested in large video and music libraries.
Microsoft will launch iTunes in its Windows Store by the end of this year.
It will include access to Apple Music and working on all Windows 10 computers.
Windows is making motion control for virtual reality-
The controller of virtual reality.
The Windows hybrid reality controller, like the Touch controller of the Oculus Rift, allows people to interact more with the virtual reality environment.
There are buttons, touchpads and small joysticks on each hand, as well as sensor rings that headphones can track.
They will be third
Party VR headsets from companies like Acer.
Later this year, Acer\'s Windows VR headset will be sold for $399.
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