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Modern digital cinema should have three elements

by:XY Screens     2021-08-26
At the just-concluded 2011 National Film Science and Technology Working Conference and the Fourth Session of the Eighth Film Professional Committee, Liu Da, Director of the High-tech Industry Development Research Department of the China Film Science and Technology Research Institute, gave a speech on 'Digital Film Development Status and Future Trends' Put forward the concept and connotation of modern digital cinema. Digital cinema is faced with the development and challenges of digital high-definition television (HDTV), Internet movies, IPTV, and new audio-visual media. It must achieve differentiated development to ensure high audio-visual quality, high presence and large-screen display effects. This is a film The foundation of survival and vitality is also an important cornerstone of the development of the film industry. 4K, high frame rate, giant screen projection, laser projection and other new technologies and new applications will significantly improve the audio-visual quality, sense of presence and impact of digital movies, promote the differentiated development of digital movies, and further enhance the digital movie’s role in traditional media and Competitiveness and influence in new audio-visual media. At present, digital cinema is accelerating the development and evolution of modern digital cinema with informatization and network. On the one hand, the digitization process of movies has been accelerating, and the global digital screen and 3D screen have grown rapidly; on the other hand, the digital cinema system has been continuously upgraded, its functions and performance have been significantly improved, and the technology and equipment have gradually achieved standardization and standardization. According to statistics, the global 2K digital screen has increased from 2,983 in 2006 to 36,606 in 2010, a staggering growth rate. The 3D stereo screen reached 22,291 by the end of 2010. Among them, the giant three-dimensional film 'Avatar' played an important role in advancing the construction of digital screens and three-dimensional screens. According to the latest data, as of October 17, 2011, China had 7411 2K digital screens, including 4751 3D stereo screens (64%); 1855 digital cinemas, including 1722 3D stereo cinemas (93%) . Adapting to the development requirements of informatization, networking and integration, and providing an overall solution that integrates technical equipment, technical management and technical services is an important feature of modern digital cinema. Building a modern digital cinema is an important measure to develop the film industry and meet challenges. He particularly emphasized that modern digital cinema should have three major elements: First, it has digital projection equipment that is compatible with multi-hall theaters, such as different types of projection equipment including giant screen/4K/2K/1.3K and 2D/3D; It has five major information infrastructures, namely satellite receiving system, central storage system (SAN), theater management system (TMS), network operation center (NOC), and computer ticketing system (POS); third, it has become a multimedia digital terminal for the modern film industry , Not only can show digital movies, trailers and advertisements, but also carry out value-added services of 2D/3D live broadcast of digital content such as sports events and concerts.
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