Multimedia applications have a wide range of prospects to help children understand the world-XY Scre

Multimedia applications have a wide range of prospects to help children understand the world

by:XY Screens     2021-09-17
With the continuous development of preschool education activities, more and more people recognize, value and adopt multimedia technology, and its effects are becoming more obvious. The application of multimedia technology to assist teaching has a unique effect on helping children understand the world.   Mobilize children's eyes, ears and brain. In the teaching activity of 'Baby's TeethThe story of how to protect your teeth. In the process of watching the animation, children are infected by the vivid scenes and shocking effects of the high-definition projection screen in the animation, thus showing a strong desire for knowledge and a long-lasting enthusiasm for learning.  Through learning, children not only learn how to protect their teeth, but also master the correct method of brushing quickly. Multi-media dynamic presentations display the learning content on the projection screen in the form of words, images, etc., which fully mobilizes the children’s eyes, ears, and brains, which not only develops children’s image thinking, but also develops abstract thinking, enabling learning The content becomes lively and interesting, relaxed and lively.   Expand children's observation ability. When carrying out 'Knowledge of AntsSo, you can pour some water on a porcelain plate, put a small bottle cap on it, and put the ants on the bottle cap. In this way, the scope of the ant's activity is reduced, and then the body shape and activity of the ant are photographed with the close-up lens of the camera, which is made into multimedia courseware and played in scientific activities. The magnified close-up lens allows young children to observe clearly. In this way, the children's thinking is immediately stimulated, and the children enter the best state of concentration and quick thinking. Multimedia teaching activities mobilize the participation of children's multiple senses, so that children's emotions are always in a state of excitement, and their thinking enthusiasm has been fully brought into play.   enhance the safety of teaching. In experimental teaching, changes in experimental conditions will lead to changes in the phenomenon, especially once operating errors, there will be some dangers. Therefore, the teacher can take pictures of the operation process and results that are easy to hurt the children or some dangerous, and make them into courseware for playback and display, so as to reduce the fear of the children caused by some unsafe factors.   When carrying out the teaching activity 'Boiling Water   Another example is when the teacher made a multimedia courseware 'Simple Circuit' about electricity. Through the demonstration of multimedia courseware, children have a preliminary understanding of simple circuits. In particular, the small game 'Circuit Game Board' in the courseware demonstration not only allows children to understand the circuit intuitively and clearly, but also allows them to understand the common sense of safe electricity use.
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