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'Naked-eye 3D' helps digital signage glow with new vitality

by:XY Screens     2021-09-29
With the continuous maturity of technology, in the actual marketing of the digital signage industry, supporting 3D images has become an important means for manufacturers to promote, and it is also the focus of users when choosing products. Technological breakthroughs have made 3D digital signage more suitable for mass venues. With a customized high-definition large screen, we can foresee the effect of digital signage as a marketing tool. With the development of the digital signage industry, the audience’s sense of novelty has been lowered by a variety of fast-changing technologies, and ordinary digital signage technology cannot satisfy users who have higher requirements for attracting audience attention. Glasses-free technology is one of the breakthrough types. Digital signage is a medium for disseminating dynamic information. It is an industrial-grade product. Most of the screens use industrial-grade a+ screens, which guarantees high-definition projection of promotional videos. 3D technology is applied to digital signage, and the combination of the two greatly enhances the lethality of digital signage. 3D digital signage allows us to enjoy real three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional plane. The display effect is much more shocking than high-definition. The realistic three-dimensional images and bright colors have a strong visual impact. Especially after the advent of naked-eye 3D technology, we no longer need to wear special stereo glasses to watch 3D. The application of 3D technology in advertising will open up a new milestone in the advertising industry. With its stunning visual experience, 3D advertising can attract audiences in a short period of time and make them interested in learning about the product. This simulated 3D effect at your fingertips can enhance product visibility and establish a good brand image. Combined with the company's market positioning, 3D advertising can make products stand out in the fierce market competition. After years of accumulation, glasses-free 3D technology has grown rapidly in the market and has become a new business. The market potential of naked-eye 3D is unlimited. It can be used not only for the display of complex images, but also for the promotion and display of any product and business. While the application of naked-eye 3D technology has given new vitality to the digital signage system, we also hope that the naked-eye 3D industry will formulate a unified standard as soon as possible to make up for technical shortcomings, so that naked-eye 3D digital signage can be widely used in the market.
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