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Nano technology ultra-clear projection screen into the new era of projection

by:XY Screens     2021-08-22
In recent years, whether for business or home use, projection equipment has occupied an important visual application, providing people with a clearer picture. In order to obtain a better visual effect, in addition to the quality of the projector when choosing the projector, there is another choice that we also need to choose carefully, and that is the projection screen used with the projector. High-quality projection screens can bring you a more beautiful visual feast, allowing you to easily enjoy clearer and more textured pictures. In the domestic home TV market, new TV products with high definition and large screens have appeared one after another since 1995, including rear projection TVs, plasma TVs, and LCD TVs. The technology of home large-screen display equipment has been updated quickly. The rear projection has been in existence for less than two years, and it has been robbed of the limelight by plasma TVs. When plasma TVs are gaining momentum, Sony, Panasonic and other major manufacturers have announced that they will no longer develop plasma. In the future, LCD TVs and home projectors will dominate the world. Industry insiders believe that, in terms of performance, price, image reproduction, and picture quality, home projectors have clearly surpassed TV products. Compared with high-end TV products, projectors have obvious advantages, that is, large screen, adjustable brightness, compatible with a variety of video signals, unlimited size, light weight, and has gradually become a new generation of home video entertainment products. When combined with a sound system to form a multimedia home theater, its audio-visual effect is no different from that of a real theater, or even better. Therefore, projection technology is developing rapidly to meet the different needs of modern people in commercial and home use. At present, only high contrast, low brightness, soft picture, and real picture feeling can meet people's needs. In the development of projection technology, in addition to the continuous development and update of the technology of the projector, the technological development of the projection screen will also make people not to be underestimated. In order to better cooperate with the use of projectors and allow the further development of projection technology, projection screens have entered the era of high-end nanotechnology. The latest nanotechnology projection screens on the market, nanotechnology projection screens, are made of a variety of highly reflective nanopowders, which are optics, chemistry, metal science, mechanics, physics, liquid interface, multilayer printing and coating, high The crystallization of multi-disciplinary high technology such as molecular materials. The successful research and development of nano projection screens has brought people a more colorful and real visual experience. I believe that the full-texture picture will definitely make you overwhelmed and enjoy more wonderful pictures.
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