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New home theater experience-anti-light curtain

by:XY Screens     2021-09-14
With the continuous upgrading of electronic products, home theaters are also undergoing a transitional development. With the emergence of 3D, the update of 4D, the interaction and diversity are becoming more and more abundant, and the living room theater is also born. The diversified development of home theater makes people more and more like to watch movies freely in a comfortable environment, and they are more and more eager for the living room theater. After more than ten years of experience accumulation, the screen has been customized in the living room theater. It has also accumulated many advantages. The giant screen of the living room theater creates a theater under the sun, and the projection screen can be infinitely large. Since June 2014, 'Transformers 4' has won more than 1.8 billion box office. Many people analyze that the ability to get so much income is inseparable from the use of IMAX 3D technology in 'Transformers 4'. According to the summer blockbuster film schedule and the launch of the World Cup season, audiences have new requirements and desires for giant screen display and ultra-definition, especially in living room theaters. Consumers not only require the look and feel of giant screens, but also do not want to watch movies in the dark. Based on this demand, the screen has developed a new generation of projection screens-anti-environmental optical screens (anti-light screens). The emergence of anti-light curtains has led to new changes in home theater, repositioning the standard of home theater. Bring the home theater from the traditional closed-light viewing environment to the living room, so that it can watch high-definition picture quality normally without turning off the lights and windows. This effect is also something that metal curtains, white plastic screens, gray screens, etc. on the market wanted to achieve but failed to achieve. The size of the anti-light curtain can be infinitely enlarged, easily reaching more than 100 inches. When watching the World Cup, you can enjoy the crystal-like delicate and soft picture quality presented by the 100-inch giant screen and the picture of life-size players 'galloping on the battlefield, The real realization of 'move the IMAX theater home'. Judging from the current statistics on display screens in the market, whether it is high-end stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and top shopping malls in provincial capitals, anti-light curtains will become the hottest big-screen sales stars. Anti-light screen display effect The living room is the place with the most family activities, and it also highlights the taste and status of a family, so the living room theater must have versatility. In the evening, use the theater as a big TV or watch a movie or even use it as a computer. When you relax on the weekends, you can call friends to karaoke or play interactive games. The goal of the screen is to create a multi-functional home theater that can not only highlight the status and quality of life of the owner, but also enrich the entertainment life while meeting the various needs of consumers. The anti-light curtain is treated with ultra-thin materials, the screen is not energized, and there is no radiation. 100% of the image is from the reflected light of the projection. The overall effect is far from all kinds of imitation products that appear in the supermarket. Because the anti-light curtain has the advantage of no electricity, no matter how large the screen is, it will not generate heat, will not blacken the wall, and there will be no radiation. The elderly, pregnant women, and children will not cause harm to the body when watching for a long time. In addition, the anti-light screen has a high degree of image formation and high color reproduction, and the color gamut can cover a wider range, far exceeding the color gamut of various projection screens on the market. Therefore, the most realistic color reproduction effect can be basically achieved when viewing. Moreover, this true color can achieve the effect of liquid crystal display, and there is no excessive accumulation of rich colors, which can greatly reduce visual fatigue, thereby achieving the effect of eye protection. The living room theater is tailor-made according to the size of the house and the home decoration environment, achieving a new integration and integration of furniture customization, audio and video and intelligence throughout the house. Living room, as the center of family life and entertainment, its market position and value are becoming more and more important. Major brand manufacturers are trying hard to find the entrance to the living room market, hoping to gain a place in the future 'living room battle'. In the case of focusing on user experience, the integration of home intelligence and audio-visual entertainment is also the general trend. The pursuit of the integration of audio-visual entertainment, interactive communication, leisure life and beautiful design provides room for development in the living room market. The new integration and integration of whole-house furniture customization, audio-visual and intelligence has brought a brand-new development model to the audio-visual industry.
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