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New smart skin projection touch screen technology

by:XY Screens     2021-09-01
According to relevant reports, in recent years, Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft Corporation are working together to develop a new technology called skin touch screen (Skinput). This technology can turn your skin into a touch screen through laser projection, further improving the human-computer interaction interface. This technology is different from ordinary projection touch screen technology. This new type of technology does not completely rely on sensing changes in the position of the operator's finger to recognize the operation intent. In addition to projecting laser rays, it can also identify the nature of the skin at the projection site, recognize the pressure changes of the skin, muscles and bones, monitor the different sounds produced by the fingers tapping the corresponding parts, and learn the operator's intention by sensing these changes , Its working process is very smart. It is believed that this technology will be available on the market soon, and there are reasons to believe that its intelligent operation will definitely change the operating habits of humans again and be loved by the majority of users. Touch screen technology
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