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New Trends in Future Projection Conceptual Virtual Projection Technology

by:XY Screens     2021-08-30
The micro projector is a very stylish and representative digital product, but subject to certain physical conditions, it needs to be fixed and lacks interactivity. Today, the editor brings you the concept of a virtual projector, which is a novel system model. , This mode needs to rely on the mobile phone and the external display screen to form a virtual projector. The principle is to install the pre-customized software in the mobile phone, and then use an intermediate server to continuously process the data transmitted by the mobile phone camera and the screen on the projected display to continuously compare the moving position data after real-time comparison. Calculate the content and location information to be projected. You can copy and display the content on the mobile phone, and it also supports multi-users at the same time collaborative projection, including pictures, videos and other content. In addition, the virtual projection content can be manipulated on the mobile phone, such as sliding, shifting, positioning, etc. This kind of virtual projector concept is really good, but it is still at the conceptual stage. It also has to solve many technical problems, including how to deal with position changes caused by mobile phone movement as quickly as possible, and reduce projection delays. I hope to be able to use such projection technology anytime and anywhere in life in the near future.
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