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Newsletter: embarking on a new journey

by:XY Screens     2021-08-22
Newsletter: Embarking on a new journey towards a new dawn Time: 2015.01.04 Organizer: Jin Xumin, who only rushes to Qianli Road, Yang Hao, writes Wan Jiachun Hengpai: Spring is back to the earth January 4, 2015, Shenzhen, sunny and bright , Clear sky. The three-day meeting---projecting the 2014 annual summary and the 2015 planning meeting ended successfully. With full of hope and passion, people embark on a new journey in 2015 and open their hearts to the new dawn. In 2015, a new starting point, a new call, a new opportunity, and a new challenge. High-spirited, energetic, strong and strong. The new dawn, the shining light, the shining glow of the sky, the people with the spirit of tenacious striving for success, on the road to success! go ahead! Let us compose new glory with youth! Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd.
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