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Newsletter: The Fifth Democratic Life Conference

by:XY Screens     2021-08-23
Briefing: The Fifth Democratic Life Conference Time: 2014.12.06 Organizer: Jinxu Minpeng City's winter, although it came late, it still came quietly inadvertently. 2014.12.06, people held the fifth democratic life meeting in the company exhibition hall. The warm atmosphere of the on-site staff has driven off the chill of winter. Everyone expresses their opinions, from different aspects, different angles, sincere expressions, and expectations for the company are beyond words. Expert professor Liu Guangling from Tsinghua University visited the scene and patiently analyzed and explained all the questions raised one by one, without letting go of any subtleties. Professor Liu tells everyone: 'It is enough for us to solve one or two problems at a time, and don't ask for too much.' For every problem, Professor Liu will guide everyone to think of ways, work together, and come up with countermeasures. In the end, many problems are solved by employees themselves. This is Professor Liu's intention---to open up everyone's wisdom and help the company grow healthily. Finally, Mr. Zhang gave a brief encouragement and hoped that everyone would contribute their wisdom and give more suggestions and opinions to the company. For the three to five years of listing, we will contribute our strength.
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