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Night of Birthday

by:XY Screens     2021-09-13
'Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...' The loud birthday song added a bit of vitality to the silent night sky. This is the night of birthday! Every month, the company celebrates the employees who celebrate their birthdays this month. The birthday party is held in the factory. Once, as a new employee, I went to a birthday party. Wow! The lively sight makes me excited! KTV, eating, drinking and playing, everything is available! It’s really like a family gathering. We gathered around the table and happily ate, drank, and laughed. When the lights went out, everyone clapped their hands, watching the birthday stars sincerely, singing 'Happy Birthday to you!' , The light of the candles reflected on the faces of the birthday stars, illuminating the happy, excited, moving, and warm expressions on the birthday stars, and illuminating the tears lingering in the eyes. Have you seen it? This is not the light of a candle, this is the light of happiness! Suddenly, my heart is full of warmth. Once upon a time, I also thought that my birthday would be celebrated with many friends, but every time it was not as I wished, I envy such a birthday, and envy such a birthday star blessed by everyone. , Envy the feeling of being surrounded by happiness! After the birthday stars made their wishes, the cheers rang out again! This means that the birthday stars are welcoming unlimited hope and motivation. I wish them good health, smooth work, happy family, and peace in every year! The game time has begun, you come to make gestures, let me guess, etc. All kinds of humorous expressions and funny actions make girls who are usually quiet and quiet laugh forward and backward! There are happily stomping feet, clapping hands, wonderful on stage, and not off stage? The waves of happiness are like waves on the sea, undulating layer by layer. When a majestic song of 'Serving the Country with Loyalty' came, the audience was silent. At this moment, perhaps, every one of us has once again built a faith in our hearts. : We are proud and proud that we are a Chinese! Do you still remember us when we were young? Whenever a teacher asks us about our dreams when we grow up, we can speak up, describe and imagine our future, and promise to be the pillars of our motherland! Yes, we can only get closer to our dreams and a better future if we work hard to do our current work, constantly learn new knowledge, and constantly improve our overall quality! Time sneaked up to 10 pm in the sound of our joy. In order not to affect the work of the next day, this birthday party ended successfully with applause. Looking forward to a more exciting party next time! Because every party will fill our hearts with happiness! Although there is no beauty of the fireworks, Lu Meipo of the Song Dynasty wrote in 'Xuemei': 'Mei Xuxun snow is three points white, but the snow loses the plum fragrance for a while.' Actually, I I don’t agree with the last sentence. Now, 'Snow' does not lose the fragrance of plum blossoms, but is full of happy fragrance!
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