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nightlight projector

by:XY Screens     2019-12-13
This is a simple project I did a while ago.
It looks good, simple to make and will light up a room.
Material: Craft_sticks1_LEDRocker_switchButton_cell_battery_holderNightLightProjectorLens (
This can be made from my other instructable)
Wirea_button_cell_battery_that_fits_your_holder craft_gluesolder electrical_tapelils: HandsDrill Soldering_IronFor this step you have to do a craft stick with you (
Try to center it)and then glue.
Then you put the craft stick together and make the square a platform (length-wise)
Opposite the square, it will stick together when satisfied.
You then proceed to make the square on top of the original square and glue it until the box reaches the desired height (
My size is about 2 inch. )
For this step you take a ruler and pencil, find the center of the box floor, mark it and drill holes for your LED (
3/16 bit needed for mine)
Note: You\'ll want to make a smaller guide hole before drilling for the LED so you don\'t crack.
Now, just add a small amount of glue on and around the edge of the hole and insert the LED comfortably. (
Don\'t worry about the excess glue on the LED, just take a wet rag and wipe it off before it dries)
This step is easy you just need to take a wire, weld it to the front end of the LED, and then weld the other end of the wire to the front end of the battery holder.
Then you weld it to the negative end of the LED with a wire, and then weld it to a connection of the switch, then weld the other wire to the battery holder on the negative lead of the other switch connection and switch.
Finally, simply wrap the connection with tape.
This step is optional but does help.
All you need to do is make a box like before, but just make it high enough to fit your components so you can put it down and appreciate your work. (
My bracket is about 1/1/3)
The title basically states everything, turn on the battery, turn on the switch and appreciate your hard work.
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