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nine things you need to know about staying connected in flight

by:XY Screens     2020-02-27
Everyone wants to keep in touch these days.
The aviation industry is not an industry that ignores consumers.
At least not when airlines are going to make money.
Jump on Board-
The connection moves as fast as possible.
This is what you need to know.
Why is in-
How important is flight connectivity to airlines?
They realize that many of us have withdrawal symptoms when we are not connected to the system.
In addition, some airline executives actually confirm the suspicions of many people: they think a lot
Flight Entertainment is a way to shift the attention of passengers from the terrible congestion and poor service of the main and objective cabins.
Of course, there is always a chance to add another service, and airlines can charge you a fee, and this option always gives those executives a warm feeling.
For whatever reason, in-
Flight connection to plane connection
The beds in the international business class are a major event in air travel.
Assuming you want to stay in touch during the flight, it is so strong that these days you find that airline staff lowered the curtains and the cabin darkened once the aircraft reached cruising altitude --
Even during the day
Most major domestic and international airlines have some form
170 of all mainstream Jets and the latest large regional airlines have flying movies195 series.
Older aircraft that airlines plan to retire soon often still use the original system: screens that fall from the ceiling of the cabin, showing only one movie at a time.
But those traditional ones
As young people say, the 20 th century is the flying movie system.
Now, the new standard is through some mixed on-
Live on-demand movies and satellite TV.
New planes are almost always multi-channel. demand system.
Airlines are transforming old aircraft with similar hardware.
There are currently only three North American Airlines (
Outside the region)offer no in-
Flight Entertainment: loyalty, Porter and spirit.
Current standard of Up-to-date in-flight on-
Demand movies is programmed via a separate seat-back screen or a hand-held tablet.
In airlines that use tablets, you can \"rent\" the device;
On some devices, you can connect with your own tablet, smartphone or laptop.
Usually, you pay for time or movies;
For the upper class
This service may be included in the cabin. U. S.
And Air Canada
The demand for economy class on mainstream aircraft includes Air Canada (
Single seat back screen on all aircraft), AirTransat (
Single seat back screen on 330 s only), Alaska (
Tablets on all aircraft), American (
Single seat back screen on all new and refurbished aircraft), Delta (
Single seat back screen on new aircraft), Hawaiian (
Single seat back screen on 330 s and tablet on 767 s), Sun Country (
Tablets on all aircraft), United (
Single seat back screen on limited aircraft), US Airways (
Independent seat back screen on international 330 s
Virgin America (
Single seat back screen on all aircraft), and WestJet (
Tablets on seven planes).
At least some airlines that have satellite television on board include Delta Airlines (
Personal touch screens on some aircraft), Frontier (
Tablets on all aircraft), JetBlue (
Personal touch screen on 40 aircraft so far), Southwest (
Most aircraft on your own equipment), United (
In addition to the PS version, almost all personal touch screens of 737 and 757)
And Virgin America (
Personal touch screen on all aircraft).
The typical price is $5-6 to $8-10 for the entire flight for several hours.
Although you can now get internet reception on many flights, you will find that there is a big difference in functionality and price.
Gogo operates through a link from the plane to the ground station, and it flies along the way.
The system architecture imitates mobile phone coverage: As the flight moves, it will be connected, tower to tower, and the coverage is limited to flights on land.
At present, Gogo is equipped with more than 2,000 aircraft: Air Canada (
Flights from Montreal and Toronto to Los Angeles), Air Tran (
All the planes, but 717 sold to Delta), Alaska (
Except for nine outdated aircraft), American (
Almost all domestic aircraft), Delta (
All main and large regional aircraft in China), United (
Most 320 s and all PS 757 s), US Airways (all 320s)
And Virgin America (all planes).
Gogo standard price is $5 per hour.
The disadvantage of Bandwidth o is Bandwidth.
You may have seen some reports that the online speed is very slow when many travelers are connected.
Gogo says it\'s trying to increase bandwidth, but it\'s still a problem for potential users.
Also, Gogo did not start working until the plane reached 10,000 feet.
There are two kinds of satellite coverage: The old Ku-
Band services from Panasonic and 44 rows, as well as newer, faster Ka-
ViaSat\'s band system.
Satellite services can be provided anywhere within the transmitter\'s \"View\", so it can work on the ocean as long as the satellite is covered.
Airlines with satellites
Internet-based including the United States (777-300s only), Delta (some planes), JetBlue (
Is currently installing veryfast Ka-band on 320s)
Southwest (
425 aircraft so far).
The biggest advantage of the satellite internet is that it can be used on water and provides better bandwidth than ground systems.
Also, it is available throughout the flight, even when the aircraft is on the ground.
One small drawback is the delay: the signal must go around 44,000 miles
The travel between the plane and the satellite resulted in a clear but not troublesome delay.
The price for a whole day ranges from $5 to $20 per hour.
JetBlue offers two levels: low
Expensive basic services and high quality
Speed service for video streaming, $9 per hour.
AT&T is reported to be launching a service offering 4g mobile access soon
Flight connection.
It will be ground base like Gogo, but AT&T is hyping
Bandwidth capability.
It is speculated that the system will be based on AT&T\'s extensive experience in wireless telephony technology.
Looking to start later next year.
European and Pacific-based airlines lag behind North American competitors in the following areasflight Wi-Fi.
Since the original system Gogo did not have its ground installed, they did not start as early as possible
Based on systems outside North America.
For long water flights, the updated satellite system is the only technology available, less than a year ago,flight Wi-
There are only 29 transatlantic and Trans-Pacific daily flights offering Fi, mostly Lufthansa and Air America, with a few in Etihad and Singapore.
Big airlines will probably catch the ball.
They upgrade as quickly as possible, and some have announced a massive installation in the next year or two.
In-One of the most annoying aspectsflight options—especially Wi-Fi—
Most airlines do not show which flights have Wi-
Their initial search shows Fi.
Some people won\'t tell you even before you \'ve already bought a ticket, or they suggest you check the site a day or two before your departure to see if the flight you \'ve already promised really has Wi-Fi.
Some airlines just say, \"see if the plane has Wi-
When you board. ’’ Feh!
In airlines that offer Wi-
Fi, Delta shows the availability of its initial search
Results page for all flights;
American Airlines showed the availability of Gogo on 320 aircraft, and Virgin American doesn\'t have to tell you because all flights are available.
If you really want to make sure there\'s Wi on the flight you\'re considering-
Your best choice before you buy a ticket is to use one of the three search engines
Fi availability at search time for all airlines-
Results page: Routehappy and TripAdvisor Flights (
Our parent company)show Wi-
Fi and individuals
Show Wi-on-screen entertainment availability and Kayak-
Fi availability for the first roundtrip or multi-stop displays.
A test search shows CheapOair, CheapTickets, Expedia, Google, Hipmunk, hotlines, Orbitz, Priceline, premium value does not show WirelessFi or personal-
Screen availability.
Southwest, no third allowed
Party search engine with its ticket price does not display Wi-
Fi availability on its website.
SeatGuru shows availability of Wi
Fi and video of models of airlines and aircraft;
However, for airlines that have already started but have not completed the installation, SeatGuru does not distinguish between aircraft with or without installation.
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