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Novelty Technology: Interactive 3D Augmented Reality Screen

by:XY Screens     2021-09-01
Game manufacturers have never stopped the research on augmented reality technology (there is no mistake, the English name of augmented reality technology is Augmented Reality technique, AR technology for short). With this technology, the game experience will be more realistic to the players. Computer AI Will be smarter too, the following screen uses this technology design.   This is an interactive 3D augmented reality screen, which is an experiential screen designed for 3D and augmented reality technology enthusiasts. It is mainly composed of gesture recognition software, 3D depth sensor, 3D camera and human-computer interaction software, which can generate three-dimensional images, three-dimensional videos, and three-dimensional computer graphics. Once the device captures the user's gestures, it will generate the corresponding graphics and play them on the 3D TV to form an interactive relationship with the user. It is reported that the augmented reality screen will be displayed at the Middle East Computer Expo (Dubai) in October. There will be two modes for visitors to experience: one is a drawing mode, which can recognize the gestures of the experiencer and generate 3D graphics; the other One is an information terminal based on 3D graphics interactive technology that allows users to manipulate objects in 3D space through gestures, so that they can select and browse multiple 3D images.  Summary: People's requirements for a comfortable life have never been lowered. Therefore, these creative products have been produced. However, they are also changing our way of life.
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