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Observation: Three major trends in the projector market in the future

by:XY Screens     2021-08-20
As a large-screen display device, the projector has been developed in the domestic market for many years, with continuous technological innovation. Projector products have been applied to the education field from the beginning, then to the business market, and later include households, engineering and other fields. Although affected by the economic downturn last year, the overall domestic market performance was relatively unsatisfactory. But this does not hinder the development of projector technology. So in the next two to three years, what will be the technological development trend of the projector market? Where is the highlight? Recently, at BenQ's 2013 new product launch conference, DLP Asia Pacific business director Huang Zhiguang gave the best answer-high-definition, interactive, wireless transmission, which will be the main development trend of the projector market in the future. HD When it comes to the word HD, I believe most people first think of home projector products. But now, HD is no longer exclusive to home projectors. With the increasing widescreen of notebook computers and desktop PCs, and even the global film and television industry have adopted widescreen formats to produce content, widescreen projectors have also developed rapidly in recent years, especially in the home entertainment market. However, in many fields such as business and teaching, widescreen projectors still have huge application potential, which has not been fully released so far. Driven by the widescreen, more and more projector manufacturers have begun to lay out the product line of commercial and educational projectors, and have launched WXGA (1280x800) models, which have reached the 720P high-definition standard. For example, this year, BenQ focused on the business projector market and launched a variety of widescreen projectors for business and education, which greatly promoted the popularization of widescreen projectors! Other brands including ASK, ACTO, and Mitsubishi have also launched new widescreen projectors. In response to the needs of the projection market, ViewSonic launched the first full HD 1080P 3D business education projector PJD7820HD this year. Whether it is connected to a widescreen notebook or enjoying other 1080P videos, it can bring an excellent full HD picture quality experience. It better meets applications such as multimedia teaching, business meetings or home entertainment. Of course, when it comes to high-definition, you have to talk about LED projectors. In 2011, LED projectors not only broke through the low-lumen bottleneck, Texas Instruments also introduced the Pico HD chip, which pulled the LED projector into the era of practicality in one fell swoop. In the past two years, the new LED projectors launched by the manufacturer are also equipped with Pico HD chips as standard. It can be seen that LED projectors will also enter the high-definition era in the future. Interactive With the promotion of interactive teaching methods, more and more schools have installed interactive solutions of short-throw projectors and electronic whiteboards. With the help of this novel teaching equipment, teachers can make the boring teaching process more effective. Fun, attract children's attention through the interaction of software and hardware, and improve teaching efficiency. However, in the gradual popularization and use of electronic whiteboard products, its existing problems have begun to appear. It has shortcomings such as inconvenient mobility and high cost, which adds a lot of cost burden to educating users. In order to meet the market demand, the interactive projector was born. It does not need to be equipped with an electronic whiteboard separately, and can be operated on the screen through a new interactive pen, eliminating the need for the traditional interactive electronic whiteboard. Since 2010, many manufacturers have launched their own interactive projector products. In the past few years, manufacturers have continued to make efforts to introduce interactive function projectors that do not need to be equipped with electronic whiteboards. Today, they include BenQ, Optoma, Mitsubishi, and ViewSonic. And other brands. Although, since last year, interactive all-in-one computers have gradually emerged and are eroding the traditional interactive projector market. However, due to the size factor, the use environment is subject to certain restrictions. Traditional interactive projector solutions still have a large market space due to their large size advantages. Therefore, in the future, projector manufacturers will continue to make efforts in the interactive education market and introduce more differentiated application solutions. Wireless transmission With the continuous update and development of projection products and technology, the needs of users have also changed. According to PMA's special survey on user needs, 70% of users have brought the wireless function into an important reference when purchasing a projector. In recent years, with the popularization of smart mobile devices such as Apple and Android, they have become more and more closely integrated with traditional products, which also highlights the growth of users' demand for wireless applications. In addition, after the projector joins the wireless connection, in the business presentation process, not only the work efficiency is improved, but also the whole presentation process does not require any complicated settings, making it more convenient to use. In order to cater to everyone's needs, many manufacturers have also introduced corresponding wireless connection projector products in recent years, which also provides more choices for users' demand growth. Nowadays, in addition to being used in LED projectors and business projectors, home projectors have also begun to add this feature. For example, BenQ will launch the wireless 1080P home projector W1500 in 2013, which can wirelessly transmit high-bit-rate video signals through WIFI, and the built-in SRS-certified audio system can achieve simultaneous audio and video playback, which means that families without wiring in advance, The projector can be used to build a home theater without destroying the original home decoration atmosphere. In the future, wireless functions will continue to flourish in LED projectors, business and education projectors, and home projectors, and engineering projectors will also add wireless functions to meet the needs of convenient and fast presentations. The wireless connection function will become the next point of competition for the projector, and it is expected to become a point of promotion for the projector in the future. Wireless projectors will surely gain widespread popularity in the near future.
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