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old school psychedelic light show

by:XY Screens     2020-02-23
Are you still alive in 1960s?
Do you remember going to the concert? Barbarella?
Do you want to recreate the psychedelic world a long time ago?
Do you want a good background for your computer?
Don\'t look at it again, this instruction book will show you how to do psychedelic light shows like hippie!
For this project, you need the next time to start mixing colors for our light show.
I personally like to kill the water Orange and the oil Blue.
You can mix any color you like, so don\'t be afraid to play around it.
I mixed orange with three drops of yellow food dye and two drops of red.
For the blue oil, I used a whole drop of the blue oil dye.
Notes about the light passing through your color.
By passing the white light from the projector through our liquid of different colors, we will subtract the wavelength of the white light, leaving only the color wavelength.
You may ask why this is important to me.
To know why this is important, you also have to know the primary colors of the light.
Red, blue and green.
So when you mix colors in red, blue and green at the same time, you end up blocking most of the light.
The more saturated (
That is, the more colors you add)
The less color you have, the less light you will have.
This new knowledge gives power, just as it is 1968 mixed colors and experiments!
Now that you \'ve mixed the colors, pick out a song that you also want to rock.
Turn on your projector, place your glass tray on top and pour in your color.
Start with the dyed water first, then the oil.
Make sure to leave some space in the plate we\'re going to swing and roll until our consciousness expands enough to see the music.
You can also set your focus at this time.
To set the focus, the old overhead projector has a knob to bring the top lens closer or further away from the surface of the projector.
Turning the knob one way you can get a clear focus and the other way you can get a softer edge.
When the focus is clear, you can clearly see the edge of the overhead projection surface.
Feel free to soften it if it makes your mellow.
I like the clear focus, but I will definitely play around in order to get used to the mood of the song.
It\'s time to rock, so inspire your songs and let\'s make psychedelic magic.
I put pictures of the technology I use when playing this media in the picture video.
It shows the different effects of the following technologies and does a great job.
You shake the shaking of the glass plate up and down.
Be careful not to overflow it will get messy soon.
This will result in a shaking action proportional to the number of tips.
You can do some small shaking on big shifts.
This one you spin at the beginning of the glass tray seems like nothing has happened, but you will start to build a flow that flows in the direction of the rotation.
This is good for the slow moving effect.
Stopping the plate and even twisting the rotation can help break down the oil drops into smaller chains.
By adjusting the focus, you can make the line between oil and water less clear.
This can increase the subtle changes in the audience\'s perception of what is happening in the light show.
Nothing is shown and nothing is done.
In the end, things get hot enough to start acting on their own.
You now know everything you need to guide your inner hippie and make awesome psychedelic light shows.
So, have fun putting on your favorite psychological rock album.
I made some close-up videos of the color combinations I used in this Instructure to show how to make some footage for the trippy green screen background.
I hope you enjoy this guidance, please vote if you like.
Better yet, I would like to see you do anything with the newly discovered knowledge, so if you do anything, please share it in the comments.
Also, if you would like to learn more about this practice and its history, please check the article on Wikipedia.
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