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On-screen HI-FI demo will be like the market

by:XY Screens     2021-08-15
On April 18-20, 2014, the screen held a 3-day HI-FI demonstration in Room 276, Jinnan Building, Jinjiang Hotel, Shanghai. As a high-end brand in China's projection industry, Silver Screen participated in the exhibition with its new product '4K Nano HD Microporous Sound Screen'. The on-site 'new product launch' and 'follow the screen public account and get a small gift' activities were carried out simultaneously. 2945X1650MM, 16:9 frame screen, 4K nanoporous projection screen (gain 1.3, viewing angle>160 degrees, aperture 0.2MM, width 2m) After the exhibitor experienced the 4K nanoporous sound screen effect at close range, Thumbs up. Exhibitors on-site consultation on-screen presentation. It is reported that the exhibition is mostly from Shanghai (home use) and Jiangsu exhibitors. The silver screen 4K nano-microporous transparent sound screen has been unanimously recognized by exhibitors from all over the world. The exhibition hall and the entrance of the exhibition hall are like a market. There are so many visitors that they can't get in during the high front.
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