once you see these short-throw projectors, you\ll never want to look at a tv again-XY Screens-img

once you see these short-throw projectors, you\'ll never want to look at a tv again

by:XY Screens     2019-11-11
Building your dream home theater can be a daunting and expensive task, especially when you choose a projector.
Because of the tradition (long-throw)
The projector requires ceiling installation and a dedicated screen in order to provide the best experience (
Not to mention that it usually takes 6 feet of the space between the projector and the screen to create a complete-sized image).
Then, if you want a surround sound, you have to pick up an AV receiver, a set of speakers and possibly pay someone to connect everything.
Sounds complicated, right?
Fortunately, if you want to bring the big screen to your living room without a stand, wires and large space, there is another way. Short-
Throwing projectors not only takes less space than their long time
They are usually also equipped with more powerful speakers, so you don\'t have to worry about investing in surround sound systems, receivers, or wires.
Better yet, some short ones
Built-in throwing machine-
In the app, let you play your favorite shows or control them with your voice.
After comparing a dozen options, we found the best short
Throw Projector according to any need and budget.
Whether you\'re finally building your dream home theater or just wanting to have a projector for your apartment, classroom or office, we\'re ready for you!
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