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Online channels have become a trend, dealers need to be independent e-commerce

by:XY Screens     2021-08-22
In the 21st century, either you will be e-commerce, or you will have no business! This is not alarmist, it has become the status quo in most domestic industries. At present, various industries including food, clothing, household appliances, electronics, household appliances, toys, etc. have been involved in e-commerce. Taking home appliances as an example, looking at JD and Taobao’s 'you come and goFor the projector industry, where is the road ahead? E-commerce seems to have to be said to be a good way. In recent years, more and more projector manufacturers have begun to get involved. In addition to setting foot in well-known online shopping malls, they have begun to deploy their own online shopping malls. For example, Optoma, BenQ, etc., which have already been online, and JVC this year, it can be said that more manufacturers will open self-operated network channels in the future. Channels: No longer single, multi-platform testing. In recent years, domestic projector manufacturers and agents have begun to deploy online sales channels. This is not only to meet the objective needs of the development of mobile Internet, but also the result of the increasingly mature development of China's e-commerce. First of all, with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the e-commerce market is developing faster, while traditional channels are declining. According to data released by the China Internet Network Information Center, the number of online shopping users in my country reached 194 million in 2011, a decrease of 20.8% from the previous year. The fast-growing e-commerce market has made offline traditional channels gradually trapped. Secondly, the competition in the domestic market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the channel layout of major manufacturers in first- and second-tier cities has become saturated. If there is a big increase in sales, it is necessary to seek breakthroughs in channels in third- and fourth-tier cities. Online channels have low cost and quick results in channel expansion, so they are favored by projector manufacturers who have become burdened. The fierce market competition environment is an important reason for projector manufacturers to choose to expand online channels. Nowadays, most projector manufacturers sell products on multiple e-commerce platforms such as Tmall,,, and According to industry analysts, although the domestic projector market has become a rapid growth trend in recent years, it is undeniable that the overall sales are still limited, which has led to the slow development of traditional projector agent channels, which no longer have the previous status, and the development situation is severe. . For domestic projector manufacturers, there are not only dozens of projector brands and the new forces that are constantly pouring in every year, but also the limited power of the general generation, which has produced no small impact. The cost advantage of online channels has become an important means for companies to enhance their competitiveness. At the same time, the positive impact of online channels on the long-tail effect of business operations is not available in traditional channels. This is also the most important factor that encourages projector manufacturers to actively invest in them and make long-term strategic layouts. In the context of fierce market competition and the rapid development of mobile Internet, the traditional channel model can no longer meet the development needs of projector manufacturers, and a complete online sales channel layout will become a major trend in the development of the industry. Dealers must have a long-term vision and need to be independent e-commerce online malls in the future. Because of the advantages of fast speed and excellent price, more and more people will be attracted to participate in online shopping, but the sense of reality in the traditional market and the quick and convenient after-sales service The processing will also attract some loyal customers, but the traditional market in the future will develop towards two extremes, either with high quality and low price, professional dealers with guaranteed after-sales, or an overall projection with a sense of design and experience. solution. Therefore, the traditional market will not be eventually replaced. However, small shops that have no individuality and scale advantage will gradually withdraw from the market. But in the future, if dealers want to firmly hold their feet, realizing profit is the most important thing. Projector manufacturers will naturally not ignore traditional distributors. Manufacturers will share benefits with channel vendors under the premise of effective management and control. However, industry insiders believe that if dealers want to survive better in the future, they must have a long-term vision and need to be an independent e-commerce company. On the one hand, it will help increase their own sales and speed up the flow of goods, and more importantly, they can help their respective brands. Projector manufacturers cover a wider group of people. At the same time, traditional distributors will encounter price wars in independent e-commerce, which requires distributors to provide well-known brand projector products and after-sales service to ensure their competitive advantage. The future: sticking to users directly and becoming a communication platform. The projector is used as a display output device. It is difficult to understand the product by just looking at the parameters. This also makes more and more manufacturers begin to focus on new product experience. Today, the experience of new products has gradually shifted from offline to online. E-commerce channels can more accurately find the target consumer group, obtain more accurate data, and achieve the traceability of shipments. From the current point of view, it is believed that more projector manufacturers will accelerate the development of e-commerce business in the future. The number of e-commerce platforms will gradually increase in order to reach more consumer groups. Industry insiders believe that the future positioning of projector manufacturers for e-commerce is a service-oriented platform that can establish good communication and interaction with consumers, and will focus on membership marketing. At the same time, who can take the lead in perfecting the layout of e-commerce, it will gradually show its advantages in the projector market, and will also widen the distance between each other.
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