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Open the home projection market 3D projection is the best choice

by:XY Screens     2021-09-08
3D is the next big trend. In the film industry, 3D blockbuster movies have swept the world, and the popularity has been on the rise. 3D fever has also driven the development of other industries. It is reported that on January 1, 2012, China's first 3D TV channel, China 3D Trial Channel, began trial broadcasting, marking the official entry of 3D applications into the family. I must have seen 'Avatar' and 'Flying Swords of Dragon GateMovie. Especially with the large-screen picture, the effect is even more shocking. According to reports, the 3D pilot channel is jointly run by six units including CCTV, Beijing Radio and Television, Shanghai Radio and Television, Tianjin Radio and Television, Jiangsu Radio and Television General Station, and Shenzhen Television. The daily broadcast time is 10:30-24:00. It will be broadcast for 4.5 hours every night and repeated twice a day for a total of 13.5 hours. The content includes animation, sports, feature films, variety shows, etc. According to reports, CCTV's Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Dragon will also be a test of the 3D program recording.   Not only that, in the upcoming 2012 London Olympic Games, 3D live broadcast will also be adopted, and then everyone can watch three-dimensional sports games in real time.   From the above information, we can see that 3D has a broad space for development in the future. But for consumers, what are the benefits of 3D technology for us? Will it quickly spread to the home? What preparations should we make? What are the benefits of launching 3D programs?    The pilot broadcast of 3D TV channels in 2012 still has a very positive effect on the entire industry. We also want to interpret from three needs. First of all, it has a great role in promoting the film and television industries. According to media interviews with industry insiders, the production of 3D programs has higher costs and technical requirements.   From the production cost of this, the investment in manpower, capital and equipment is 2~4 times that of the production of 2D programs. In the promotional film of the 'Flying Dragon' movie, we also saw media interviews with director Tsui Hark. Director Tsui Hark was saying that 3D program production is complicated and costly, but in order to obtain better visual effects , It can only be so extravagant. Of course, good program effects will attract more consumers' attention, and correspondingly will get more income. Therefore, the promotion of the production of 3D programs is still very motivated for the manufacturers of movies and TV programs. 3D program production.   For equipment providers, there is also a strong motivation. Everyone knows that the prices of traditional TVs and projectors are falling rapidly. You can buy a 40-inch LCD TV for 3-4 thousand yuan, and you have to cooperate with the sales promotion in the festive season. The profits are really ugly. Manufacturers have been at a loss for a long time. After the launch of 3D TV, the price is still at a high level. From the current point of view, the profit of product sales is much higher than that of non-3D products. For consumers, 3D programs have better visual effects and better experience. From the current popularity of 3D and IMAX 3D movies on the market, we can see that consumers love 3D programs.
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