Operating data in the first half of 2014 indicates that the laser DLP splicing industry is about to

Operating data in the first half of 2014 indicates that the laser DLP splicing industry is about to explode

by:XY Screens     2021-10-12
A few days ago, domestic large-screen display related companies have successively announced their operating performance reports for the first half of 2014, which can interpret and sort out the development context of the industry. It is not difficult to find that the emerging large-screen display industry based on laser light sources has entered a growth period and will rapidly grow into a new profit growth point for large-screen companies. In the first half of the year, affected by the adjustment of the domestic macroeconomic cycle, the domestic large-screen market was still slowly recovering, resulting in a decline in the profitability of related companies' large-screen display products, and some companies were in a state of loss. The combination of weak market demand and deteriorating competitive environment has blocked the profitability of large-screen companies. In addition to facing various challenges in the industry, large-screen companies also face threats from other technology camps. Such as LED display technology. In fact, in the first half of the year, in the main battlefield of large-screen display systems-control rooms, dispatching command centers and other application fields, the threat from small-pitch LED screens can no longer be underestimated. In the first half of the year, the LED screen market recovered rapidly, and related listed companies were basically in a profitable state. This is related to the strategy of small-pitch products in the indoor field dominated by DLP products. However, the CECV Research Center of China Television News believes that the market prospects for large-screen displays remain optimistic, and have successively increased the research and development of new technologies. Among them, laser light source displays have gradually entered a growth period and are expected to bring new profit growth points. . As an emerging display technology, laser display technology and industry are currently in the stage of gaining momentum. The biggest drawback of traditional display technology is the lack of brightness, which makes it difficult to meet demand in high-end fields such as engineering and cinema. The laser light source fully compensates for this defect. In recent years, my country's high-brightness display equipment shipments have grown rapidly, and the Ru0026D investment of related companies has begun to bear fruit. The national 'Twelfth Five-Year' plan vigorously promotes the development of the display industry, and the laser display field is the most likely technology field in my country. As the demand for high-brightness products in indoor high-end display applications grows, the laser light source large-screen display system will most likely quickly grow into a new growth point in the large-screen industry after the end of the growth period.
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