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'Operation Red Sea' is on fire! You must understand the deep meaning behind it!

by:XY Screens     2021-09-29
I haven’t talked about movies with you for a while. Today, we don’t advertise, talk about Fengyue, talk about life, talk about ghosts...just talk about movies. The Chinese New Year movies in the Year of the Dog are really dazzling. The box office is more than one movie, and it’s a good show that you sang and I came to the stage. One of the biggest dark horses is 'Operation Red Sea'. Today I will analyze the deep meaning behind it for everyone. From the theme (evacuation of overseas Chinese) to the plot (the whole course of bullets, and the battle of the tanks), and even the stills are similar to 'Wolf Warriors 2\However, the backward box office cannot affect the significance of this film. As an international service, the future navy, especially the naval special forces, will play an important role in fulfilling international obligations. 'Operation Red Sea' is adapted from the real events of the evacuation of overseas Chinese from Yemen. The film tells the story of an 8-member group of the Chinese Navy’s Jiaolong Commando that was ordered to carry out the evacuation mission. The commando soldiers were divided into two routes to rescue them, but unfortunately they were ambushed, causing casualties. At the same time, the commandos also snatched raw materials from terrorists who had nuclear materials. The Chinese Navy strongly supports the film. In 2015, the new frigate Linyi, which carried out the evacuation event from Yemen, appeared in the film. In addition, several active naval warships such as the large landing ship Kunlun Mountain can also be found in the film. At the end of the film, there is also a naval combat readiness patrol ship expelling foreign ships in the waters of the South China Sea that have entered the waters adjacent to the relevant islands and reefs of China's Nansha Islands without the permission of the Chinese government. Please leave immediately. Undoubtedly, this is a commercial film, and the production of the film must have commercial factors; but it is also a commercial propaganda film with the image of the Chinese Navy, so the Chinese Navy has a certain right to speak. The Chinese Navy broke the convention and did not choose warships and submarines as its image spokespersons. Instead, it chose another way to choose the commando force Jiaolong in the Marine Corps. This shows the great development momentum of the Marine Corps; and with the expansion of naval missions, the Marine Corps has gone abroad many times and has become a shining business card of the Chinese Navy. In addition, art comes from life. At the end of December 2008, the first escort fleet went to the Gulf of Aden and the waters of Somalia to perform escort missions. This was also the first time that the Jiaolong Commando carried out actual combat paramilitary operations on board. The first unit of the Marine Corps was established in 1980 and quickly grew into an important force for assaults from sea to land. In April 2017, it was officially announced that the PLA has newly adjusted the formation of 84 military-level units, and the Marine Corps is one of them. In a report on July 31, 2017 in the People's Liberation Army Daily, the first commander of the Marine Corps, Major General Kong Jun, said that after the reform of the size and structure of the army, the Marine Corps has been adjusted and expanded into a unit. An amphibious combat force that integrates land, sea and air, and has both offensive and defensive capabilities, will surely play an important role in safeguarding maritime rights and interests and fulfilling international obligations. The Marine Corps has the reputation of the land tiger, the underwater dragon, and the air eagle, and the dragon commando can be called the sharp knife among the sharp knives. This sharp knife is ready to fight at any time and can go on the battlefield at any time. Its missions are generally carried out in groups, which covertly infiltrate the enemy's rear to perform missions. Sun Hao, the commando leader of the Jiaolong Commando, told the media recently that the tasks undertaken by the Jiaolong Commando are different from those of conventional troops. Conventional troops, including the Marine Corps, attacked the enemy in a frontal assault in the form of large corps. We use a small-scale force to evade the enemy's reconnaissance and surveillance, covertly infiltrate the enemy's rear to perform the mission, and withdraw without leaving any traces after the mission. This is a big difference between us and conventional troops. In the film, the Jiaolong Commando is a group of 8 people to perform the task. In the plot design, it is to enter strange cities, deserts, and villages in unfamiliar countries after obtaining authorization from other countries, fully demonstrating the sea, land, and airborne combat capabilities of the Jiaolong Commando. The 8-person team borrows advanced and excellent equipment. It can drive small boats to chase pirates at sea, fly over walls for street fighting in cities, launch tanks in the desert for effective attacks, and can also airborne deep into the enemy's hinterland for battle. The magnificent combat scenes are naturally artistically processed, but from a certain angle, this undoubtedly reflects one of the development directions of the Marine Corps. In recent years, the Marine Corps has carried out many cross-regional operations, conducting actual combat training in the alpine, mountain jungle, and desert Gobi, so as to achieve full-area combat capabilities. As a sharp knife, the Jiaolong Commando plays a vital role in the coverage of naval power from sea to land. After watching this movie, people have to sigh: It's amazing, my country, cattle X, my army. If you have watched this movie, please leave a message to tell us your impressions. Patriotic, we are serious!
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