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Our employees participate in unpaid blood donation activities

by:XY Screens     2021-09-09
On March 17, sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Blood Center, undertaken by Shenzhen Lions Fairy Lake Service Team and other units, Shenzhen Jinguanghua Commercial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Quality Association, etc. The 9th Red Action of the Shenzhen Lions Club, co-organized by the unit, went into Shenzhen Luohu King Guanghua Commercial Plaza event was grandly held in Shenzhen King Guanghua Plaza. Seven employees of our company from the technical department, quality department, supply chain, personnel department, marketing department and other departments participated in this blood donation event. At nine o’clock in the morning, colleagues who participated in the blood donation came to King Guanghua Plaza early. Under the guidance of volunteers from the blood station in the city center, the blood donation staff carefully filled out the blood donation registration form, measured blood pressure, and took blood tests. Stop donating blood free of charge. The blood donation team includes both old comrades who have worked for many years and new employees who have just joined the workforce. Employees who participated in unpaid blood donation said that blood donation can stimulate the activity of hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow, promote metabolism, improve their hematopoietic function, and benefit blood circulation. Donating their own blood for free can help patients in urgent need of treatment. Good deeds that benefit the country, the people, and oneself are also the duty of every citizen. Our company has been a co-organizer of the Lions’ blood donation activities for many years. We should play an exemplary role and do a good job in blood donation and blood donation publicity. The company's employees' enthusiasm for public welfare and sincere dedication to society once again demonstrated a good image of people.
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