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Outdoor LED display installation method and debugging and maintenance_full color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-08
Because outdoor led display screens are used outdoors and are affected by the use environment, special countermeasures and installation requirements are required during the installation process. If you want to use outdoor led display screens well, installation debugging is indispensable. For skilled construction personnel, knowing the skills of building and protecting advertising screens outdoors will effectively promote business advertising and information transmission, and it is also necessary for skilled construction personnel. Understand, in detail, there are four links to outdoor LED display devices: field survey, equipment establishment, installation, debugging and application. First of all, we should test the detailed environment, topography, luminous radiation scale, brightness and other parameters according to the field survey of outdoor LED display devices. In order to ensure the smooth installation of outdoor LED display screens, we require It is necessary to implement a consistent hoisting plan for command personnel to ensure that the equipment can be used normally and stably. Different situations are treated differently, in order to adopt more appropriate methods.  After making a detailed plan based on field surveys, the next step is to install outdoor LED displays.   For some outdoor LED display installations, it is necessary to distinguish between wall LED advertising screens, hanging LED advertising screens and rooftop LED advertising screens. When practicing the device, it is necessary to use a crane and a hoist to hoist in sections according to the height of the interval, and to ensure that the above personnel cooperate with each other, and there is a better device application process for the LED advertising screen for high-altitude operations. During the establishment process, safety and refined operation are the first requirements. After the installation is completed, debug the luminous radiation scale of the LED display. Because the radiation scale is different, the viewing angle of the outdoor led display is also different. It is necessary to accept the field in order to perform the outdoor LED display fixture operation with the usual viewing angle. From a point of view, you can see normal images and subtitles with balanced brightness. The cooperation of large viewing angles and suitable brightness can maximize the benefits. Finally, follow-up testing and protection follow-up testing has many items, such as LED display waterproofing, heat dissipation layer, LED marking waterproof coating, the scale of rain shielding on the led display, heat dissipation on both sides, power supply lines, etc., these basic parts products It constitutes the entire outdoor led display screen with good stability. Of course, later technical protection is also very important. We must carry out consistent management and protection for these parts. When the product is rusted, unstable, or damaged, it needs to be replaced in time to ensure the safe use of the entire outdoor LED display. The main support structure of the outdoor LED advertising screen is usually made of steel materials. In the open environment, affected by factors such as temperature, humidity, and harmful substances, it is easy to be oxidized and cause rust. Severe rust can make steel components The ability to resist load is greatly reduced. Therefore, understanding some repair and reinforcement methods is also one of the homework of the constructor. Let’s also share the methods of repairing and strengthening the outdoor LED display:   1. Foundation expansion method: After setting up a concrete enclosure or a reinforced concrete enclosure, adding the area of u200bu200bthe base of the outdoor LED display screen, changes due to outdoor LED display The uneven settlement of the foundation caused by the small base area and lack of bearing capacity.  2. Pit-type underpinning method: directly dig a pit under the underpinning of the outdoor LED display installation construction site and pour concrete.  3. Pile underpinning method: choose to install static pressure columns, driven piles, cast-in-place piles and other piles to strengthen the foundation at the lower or both sides of the outdoor LED display installation construction foundation.  4. Grouting underpinning method: Inject chemical grout evenly into the foundation, through these grouts, the originally loose soil or cracks are cemented and solidified to achieve the effect of improving the bearing capacity of the foundation, waterproofing and impermeability. The installation requirements of outdoor LED display screens involve their future use and safety, and they must be treated strictly and seriously. The outdoor LED display must be installed according to the construction requirements of the project.
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