Outdoor LED display rental screens have become the alchemy field of the LED display industry_outdoor

Outdoor LED display rental screens have become the alchemy field of the LED display industry_outdoor LED rental screens | outdoor LED display production

by:XY Screens     2021-09-08
Small-pitch outdoor LED rental screens are different from outdoor fixed LED displays whose market capacity is shrinking in the short term due to policies. The capacity of the rental LED display market is quietly expanding. First of all, the market for leasing LED large screens has been gradually liberalized in terms of management and control. Secondly, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's spiritual needs continue to strengthen. Various star concerts and evening parties have emerged one after another, greatly stimulating the demand for display screens in the rental market. With the advantages of unlimited size and seamless splicing, the competitiveness of LED displays in this field is unmatched. Companies that focus on the LED rental screen market are relatively moisturized at this time. Small-pitch outdoor LED display The small-pitch outdoor LED display rental market can be said to be the most complex and competitive in the industry, because the demand here is the most vigorous, the entry barrier is the lowest, and the rental companies are also the most. From the Spring Festival Gala, concerts, evening parties, high-end conferences to small weddings, roadshows, and shopping malls, there will be LED rental screens to help out. The LED display rental business has developed particularly well in the wedding market, which has now formed an industrial scale and has become a very stable industry growth point. In some large-scale high-end meetings, the presence of LED displays is also common. Although such occasions cannot be said to have exhausted all aspects of the leasing market, they also account for the most valuable part. In overseas markets, in addition to the well-known problems of patents, trade protection, and after-sales services, there is another difference from China in that some overseas markets have stricter controls on outdoor fixtures than domestic ones, even to the point of harshness. For example, in some areas of Europe, not only the number of outdoor fixed LED display projects is limited each year, the approval requirements are strict, and the approval time is still erratic. Therefore, the development of leasing in the overseas market is the most rapid, which is even worse than that in the domestic market. In our 'LED Display World' overseas topic interviews, many large companies said that the main overseas products will be rental products. Overseas, it is difficult for companies to have satisfactory sales without spending a lot of energy in the leasing market. Although: the mountain is not high, there are immortals and spirits. Water does not have to be deep. But if the water is not deep, how can one keep a dragon? The industry currently has such a view that the outdoor led display market is larger than the indoor market. In the situation where outdoor fixed LED large screens are everywhere controlled by others, the outdoor full-color rental LED display is undoubtedly the ten-mile peach blossom pond, both wide and deep. The rental LED display market, or the deep ocean that is most likely to give birth to a true dragon. Shenzhen Huaze Optoelectronics is a professional outdoor LED display manufacturer in China. The LED displays produced by the company are widely used in high-end entertainment venues, theme parks, bars, discos, auditoriums, grand theaters, large-scale singing and dancing evenings, fashion conferences, film and television Digital stage in studios and other places.
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