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overhead projector salvage

by:XY Screens     2019-11-11
We recently bought an old projector.
To be precise, the Dukane Sunsplash 2123 overhead transparent projector.
We don\'t need a projector, but the Fresnel lens caught my eye and there was a lot of other shiny stuff on it.
As the Projector model varies, the tools required may vary.
But you need to at least: put the hammer nearby in case a little gentle persuasion is needed.
The overhead projector uses the Fresnel lens and the mirror to project the enlarged image placed on the transparent film placed on the transparent platform to the wall or screen.
The overhead projector is a very simple device consisting of a set of mirrors, lenses and magnifying glasses, a light bulb in a reflection setting (
There is a spare bulb in this case)
A fan that is used to keep the whole thing cool, usually a rotating or stretching arm to adjust the mirror and magnifying glass, as well as the electronic equipment of the whole thing.
The recyclable parts include: the Fresnel lens is a thin lens that can be made of plastic or glass, unique in that it can effectively capture and focus the oblique light.
You may know them from the lighthouse, but they also have applications such as simple, inexpensive magnifying glasses that can be placed on books or other texts.
Like the lens in the projector, the flat Fresnel lens consists of a prism lens array arranged in concentric circles and a flat or slightly convex center.
In the Dukane projector, the lens is very easy to disassemble.
The lid of the projector is just released from the base.
Flip it over and you\'ll see some small plastic labels in the corner and you can twist them over.
After you release each corner, you can lift the lens from the frame.
You can easily see how the lens is constructed.
Wipe it with some glass cleaner and then you can make the sun death ray with the lens, or the solar oven, or do some cool photography with it.
To protect it, you can also choose to leave the lens in the cover frame above your head.
The magnifying glass and mirror assembly only need to screw off the base.
Then you can take them apart.
You can actually take the magnifying glass out completely, but it may be safer and equally useful.
This eventually became the most complicated part of the projector salvage.
When the screws at the top are easy to remove, the 2nd screws that hold the rotary arm on the bottom plate absolutely refuse to move.
I adjusted the size of the inner nut and tried to fix the problem this way, but it seems to be stuck on a small plastic ridge inside the unit.
I twisted, screwed it, worked out, tried to hit the scraper between the arm and the base with a hammer, and finally took a file to the inside of the unit to try to file the offending plastic, this ended up doing this and I was able to remove the metal plate that had originally assembled the entire post in place.
This is very simple.
The electronic interior of the projector is simple and clean.
Removing the lamp assembly is equivalent to removing the wire shield covering the wire, cutting the wire to a plastic tie that holds everything together.
The main purpose of removing the fan is to unscrew the small screws and some wires.
Unplug from the power switch and adjust the knob.
Then, the light and lens assembly need to be unscrewed from the base-
Several screws under the base fix it in the proper position, and the rest is a collection of some capacitors, resistors, wires and small fasteners.
Salvage at will!
You got it!
In the Dukane Sunsplash projector worth about $40 on eBay, do you have: value?
About $40!
However, from the single parts that are collected now, you now have half a dozen other tools available, such as lenses and lights, and parts for other items, as a very good large item box, it comes with a power cord and a switch and you can connect things directly into it.
For our purposes at Eureka factory, these are also educational tools that we can use for practical activities and staff development training.
And the whole collection store is conveniently back in the box!
Happy salvage!
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