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Pain points of social marketing

by:XY Screens     2021-08-24
In the past few days, Tencent held a smart summit in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. As a rising short video sharing platform, Tencent Microvision has become the focus of attention of experts and people from all walks of life. After nearly a year of operation, Weishi has gathered tens of millions of young users. For some companies targeting young people, they have also seen new value depressions in social networking platforms. Short video may become an important platform for corporate social marketing in the future. At the beginning of Weishi's launch, Heimage repeatedly emphasized that compared with pictures and text, video is more intuitive and expresses stronger content, and will become an important way of corporate brand marketing in the future. However, in its infancy, Microvision is subject to the 8-second time limit. Many netizens still don’t know how to express more content in 8-second time. Then there are traffic restrictions and concerns. But with the improvement of the network environment and the update of the microvision function, these are no longer problems. What the dark horse cares about now is the marketing value of short videos such as Weishi in social marketing. For companies, the idea of u200bu200btraditional marketing is very simple, as long as they cooperate with the media. However, all this has failed in the age of social media. Although social media has the characteristics of rapid and extensive communication, there are obvious pain points in the use of communication methods and the precise communication of specific groups of people. This also makes many companies often at a loss when doing brand marketing. From the short video marketing, the dark horse sees a good way to solve the pain points, or represents the trend of social marketing in the future. 1. Not only video advertising platforms. When it comes to video marketing, many people think that it is TV advertising. This simple and rude way is suitable for traditional marketing. However, in social marketing, content is the original form of advertising, which is It is the future trend, and the key lies in how to realize the communication effect. Short video is a natural carrier. Taking micro as an example, the segmented shooting of 8-second video itself provides endless creative space, and supports the successive launch of local video uploading, long video functions, and dynamic albums, which greatly strengthens the flexibility and variety of communication methods. Sex, so that the company's social marketing is more than just limited to simple text, pictures, and blunt advertising forms. At the same time, social marketing emphasizes the establishment of emotional connections. In the interaction between virtual and reality, it also shows its own personality and tells the brand's own story. The rich expressive power and platform dissemination power of short videos can be said to provide more ways and more ways to tell about their unique characteristics, and to achieve this kind of innovation in media channels, experience content, and communication methods. As a new platform, short video marketing is characterized by expanding its scope to the general public in a traditional marketing context composed of political leaders or celebrities, providing niche celebrities and even ordinary users with a large audience and free Marketing venues. A trend confirmed by this is that the increasing advancement of information technology makes it possible to create 'user-created content' in the network environment, and social media characterized by 'consumers as producers' are gradually emerging. 2. Integrated marketing of openness and convergence The characteristics of the mobile era are embodied in openness, fragmentation and individualization. The open relationship chain of short videos can maximize the spread of corporate social marketing. On the one hand, the platform of the short video itself forms an open endogenous loop system. Each user can forward and comment on any video; on the other hand, the video can also be shared on Weibo, WeChat, Qzone, etc. Various external social platforms. This means that, in principle, a corporate brand can reach any Internet user. Compared with this kind of openness and fragmentation, 'segmentation' reflects the social media's group aggregation of netizens. Therefore, in conducting social marketing, it is very important to choose the 'Focus' that fits the characteristics of the marketing subject as the target group. Social marketing based on the network platform is no longer the traditional demographics generally classified according to age, gender, region, etc., but the 'focus' formed by the aggregation of scattered netizens through social media. It is the basis for enterprises to avoid blindness and carry out precision marketing. In terms of short video marketing, compared to users such as Weibo and WeChat, short videos gather groups who like to watch videos or express and communicate through videos, which forms a unique ecology. Not only that, because when Weishi was founded, it attached great importance to user labeling management and aggregation. At present, Weishi has gathered tens of millions of various users, and through the aggregation of channels and tags, they have formed a unique circle of tourism, food, creativity, etc., and explored their creativity, influence, points of interest and Benefit points are conducive to more effective, more precise and more diverse forms of brand marketing. Having said that, for companies, how do they use Weishi for brand marketing? Heima also observed that brand companies such as Xiaomi mobile phone and Spring Airlines, as well as some celebrities, media, institutions, etc., also entered Weishi early and formed their own different marketing models. For these cases, Heima’s next step Will continue to study the decomposition. Heimage believes that in social marketing activities, channels and content are indispensable. In the future, the mobile marketing market will develop in the direction of localization, socialization, precision, and diversified interaction. The short video Weishi will definitely launch precision marketing products for different groups of people. Companies can choose the right group of people according to the characteristics of the products, and carry out precise and scenario-based marketing in a targeted manner.
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