Performance and market analysis of intelligent led electronic advertising machine_Vertical video adv

Performance and market analysis of intelligent led electronic advertising machine_Vertical video advertising machine|Vertical advertising machine

by:XY Screens     2021-08-31
With the development of the LED display industry, we can see that more and more indoor and outdoor mobile rental advertising machines have entered our field of vision. Especially in first-tier cities, outdoor LED displays have become the new darling of advertisers. There are many outdoor touch all-in-ones in the commercial center of the city. In the second and third-tier cities, there are more outdoor intelligent LED electronic advertising machines stationed, which once again set off the upsurge of outdoor touch all-in-ones. The creative, high-definition multi-angle vision and large-area interactive functions have become the ideal choice for advertisers to place outdoor advertising. Why are outdoor smart led electronic advertising machines so popular among advertisers? Below we analyze the 6 advantages of outdoor outdoor touch all-in-one machines. 1. The outdoor touch all-in-one with strong visual impact, dynamic size, sound and picture integration, can fully stimulate the senses of the audience and effectively convey information to guide consumption. In the face of overwhelming advertising, the limited memory space of audiences and the infinite nature of information dissemination have made attention gradually become a scarce resource. Therefore, attention economy has become the biggest test of advertising effect. 2. Cover wide outdoor smart LED electronic advertising machines are generally installed in high-end commercial areas and traffic hubs with high crowd density. Through high-frequency communication with consumers, consumers have a strong demand for purchase. 3. Long release period. Outdoor smart led electronic advertising machine can be played 24 hours a day, and its information transmission is all-weather. This feature makes it easier to be seen by the audience, can better guide the potential customer population, and enable businesses to achieve better publicity effects with less cost. 4. The outdoor smart led electronic advertising machine is very different from the traditional advertising machine. The outdoor touch all-in-one machine has a touch function. People can self-check the required information for human-computer interaction, giving people a different experience. 5. Low audience dislike rate. Outdoor smart led electronic advertising machines can broadcast programs to more audiences in a real and timely manner through live broadcast technology. Including special topics, columns, variety shows, animation, radio dramas, TV dramas, etc., the content is rich, avoiding the contact obstacles caused by the conscious and active avoidance of advertising audiences. The survey shows that the dislike rate of outdoor touch all-in-one advertisements is much lower than that of TV advertisements. 6. Improve the city's grade. Government agencies use outdoor touch-in-one machines to release some government information and urban promotional videos, which can beautify the city's image and improve the city's grade and taste. Outdoor touch all-in-one machines are now widely used in stadiums, venue centers, advertising, transportation, etc., which reflect the economic, cultural and social life of a city. The main reason why the indoor and outdoor mobile rental smart led electronic advertising machine is favored by outdoor advertising media companies is the product advantage of the outdoor touch all-in-one machine. As the fifth-generation emerging media, the outdoor touch all-in-one machine integrates modern high-tech such as environmental protection and energy saving, high-resolution imaging, natural and delicate colors, displayable video and text, and wide viewing angles. It fully meets the technical requirements of modern advertising media and urban The viewing requirements of the crowd are a perfect combination of high-tech and traditional media. In addition, the continuous breakthrough of outdoor touch all-in-one technology has also brought various new changes to the communication of outdoor advertising.
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