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pico projectors - portable projectors in the palm of the hand

by:XY Screens     2019-11-05
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The Pico projector is a portable projector suitable for the heart of the hand.
There is no absolute definition of what makes a digital projector a pico projector.
However, it is generally believed that the pico projector is a projector in paperback or smaller size.
The Pico projector is measured in ounces instead of pounds and is powered by an internal battery.
They may also run out of AC power, but mainly use batteries as power supplies.
Pocket projectors are called Pocket projectors and mini projectors.
Pico projectors will not replace full-size projectors for home theater or commercial use.
Their screen resolution and light output are much lower than the cheapest full-size projector today.
Pico projectors work well in small groups but not well in large meeting rooms.
They work best in a dark environment, not in a well lit room.
Pico projector-\"the UsesPico projector is often used when trying to show more than a few people the content of the phone or camera.
Sitting together at a family party is when people want to show off photos of their children.
Installing a pico projector on the table is much easier than taking out a full-size projector to show the album to 10 or 15 people.
As long as the viewer does not expect the quality of the HDTV, it is a good choice to watch the video on the pico projector.
Lying in bed and projecting video on the ceiling is an interesting way to watch a movie or online video.
During a business meal, the salesperson can take out his pico projector to show off the latest products released by his company.
These images can be projected onto a notebook sheet.
There is no need to plug in the power cord because it is completely independent.
Only one projector and input source is required.
This can be a mobile phone or media player with video output.
Some pocket projectors have internal memory and therefore do not even need an external video source.
With the technological advances in the short life of pico projectors, it is possible to get a good gaming experience in the right lighting environment.
Some projectors will project a diagonal display of 200.
However, most people will not be so big, and they will not project very brightly on such a scale.
If you can fully control the light in the room, then the user can have a fairly good experience.
Depending on the technology used, the pico projector uses LED lights or lasers to project the image.
This means that like a traditional digital projector, there is no $400 light to replace.
While this sounds appealing, it is important to remember that in terms of light output, these devices are still under-powered devices.
The sound output suggested by each of the following projectors is poor.
In a small projector like this, there is no room to provide a large speaker for a larger sound.
Each of them has a way to connect headphones or send audio to the speaker system.
The most amazing Pico projector at the moment is the MicroVision SHOWWX.
It is a 848x480 pixel projector using a laser as a light source.
Lasers do not need lenses to focus on their images, so they are always in focus regardless of whether the projector is near or away from the screen.
The screen does not even need to be flat in order to keep the image in focus.
SHOWWX has a light output of 10 lumens.
This is a very small amount of light compared to the 4000 lumens business projector.
However, there is no competition between pico projectors and powerful commercial machines.
Without a huge battery pack, it is impossible to output 4000 lumens in a pocket projector (
At least not today\'s technology).
There are two models in SHOWWX.
Showwxclassic is a product that outputs 10 lumens.
It sells $300 on Amazon.
The new SHOWWX has 15 lumens of light for $400.
Both devices can be connected to the iPod or iPhone as well as many cameras and other media players with video output.
They can also be used with computers and standard videos
SOURCE devices such as DVD players.
The rated life of the battery is 90 to 120 minutes.
It\'s enough to watch some movies, but can\'t expect to do a cross
Travel by National plane.
SHOWWX is 4. 6\" x 2. 4\" x 0.
Including the battery, the weight is only 4 ounces.
This is equivalent to the physical size of the iPhone, but the weight is small.
Micro projector € \"Photo code PK-
301At five times light output, Optoma PK-
The 301 is a slightly larger device than the SHOWWX. The Optoma PK-
The 301 has three brightness settings to save battery power.
In medium light output mode (26 lumens)
The battery is rated for 1 hour.
Unlike SHOWWX, the projector uses LED light sources through DLP projector technology.
Because this is a more traditional light source, a lens is needed.
This limits the focus distance of PK
There is 301 between it and the screen.
This projector will output a maximum size of 72 \"and the projector will take about 9.
5 feet from screen
Size of PK-301 are 4. 7\" x 2. 7\" x 1.
8 ounces.
It is a little bigger than SHOWWX, twice the weight of SHOWWX.
The screen resolution is 854x480.
The pico Projector costs $340 on Amazon.
Samsung SP-Pico Projector
SP-h03 Samsung
The shape of the H03 is different from the others, preventing it from falling into the shirt pocket.
This is a 30-lumen projector with a battery life of up to 2 hours.
This projector has an extended battery life and is more attractive for people who have been demonstrating for a long time.
1 gb of storage is also built into the projector to save images for viewing without having to connect to the video source.
Like the other two projectors, it has a aspect ratio of 16: 9 for the projected image.
The screen resolution is 854x480. The SP-
H03 uses led as the light source, and the rated working time is 30,000 hours (
10 hours per day for more than 8 years).
Even if it is a 30 lumens projector, it will be difficult to see the image projected in an 80 \"diagonal unless it is in a dark room. Like the PK-
301 above, SP-
H03 has a physical focus limit that prevents the user from making the image larger.
Size of SP-H03 are 1. 5\" x 2. 8\" x 2.
8 ounces. The SP-
The H03 has a fan to help cool the system that generates about 23 dB of noise. The Samsung SP-
Amazon\'s H03 is priced at $300.
Pico projectors the future of pico projectors is to embed the projector in other devices.
The technology that makes the Pocket Projector work is included on a small chip.
There are already cameras and phones with built-in projectors to display photos and videos.
You can upload your presentation to one of these devices and use your phone as a source of content and projector.
Whether Pico projectors will be very popular in the consumer market is uncertain.
It is suspected that this is not because of how many connected video sources there are currently.
However, the science and technology represented by pico projectors, and what they may lead to in the future, is a wide open field.
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