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Playing cards: life of destiny, destiny of life

by:XY Screens     2021-08-26
<1> The mother of former US President Eisenhower is very fond of playing cards, and always pulls her children together for a few games in her free time. When I was a child, Eisenhower had a characteristic of playing cards. When he got a good card, he was very interested, and when he got a bad card, he couldn’t play, and sometimes even fold the card without playing. This habit is very disappointing for everyone. Very worried, always thinking about finding opportunities to educate him. Once in a card game, Eisenhower took a few stinky cards and started to complain again. His mother seized this opportunity to educate him: 'God is the one dealing with the cards. You have to hold any cards, hold on. It's useless to complain about bad cards, you can only find ways to play it well...' This education made him remember for life. ……………………………………<2> Half of your destiny is in your own hands, and the other half is in the hands of God. The whole thing in your life is to use what you have in your hands to get what you have in God's hands. The more extraordinary your efforts, the greater the half you have in your hands, and the more abundant you will get. When you are completely desperate, don't forget that you have half of your destiny; when you are overwhelmed, don't forget that you still have half of your destiny in God's hands. The effort of your life is to use half of yourself to obtain half of God's hands. This is the life of destiny, this is the destiny of life.
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