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Please give me an explanation

by:XY Screens     2021-08-19
I have been working in the company for almost three years, and I have successively gotten promotion opportunities than my later colleagues.   Finally, one day, at the risk of being fired, I found the boss theory. 'Boss, have I ever been late, left early or violated rules and regulations?' I asked. The boss simply answered 'No'. 'Is that the company's prejudice against me?' The boss was startled, and then said, 'Of course not.'    'Why people with less seniority than me can be reused, but I have been in a trivial position?'    The boss was speechless for a while. , And then smiled and said: 'Let’s talk about your matter later, I have an urgent matter on hand, should you help me deal with it first?'    A customer is going to the company to inspect the product status, the boss asked me to contact them and ask When will you come?   'This is really an important task.' Before going out, I didn't forget to tease.   After a quarter of an hour, I returned to the boss's office.   'Did you get in touch?' the boss asked.   'I got in touch, they said they might come next week.'    'What day is next week?' the boss asked. 'I didn't ask about this in detail.' 'How many people are in their party?' 'Ah! You didn't ask me about this!' '   'Then are they taking a train or a plane?' 'You didn't ask me to ask about this!' The boss no longer said. What's wrong, he called Zhu Zheng to come over. Zhu Zheng arrived at the company one year later than me. He is now the head of a department, and he has received the same task as I just now. After a while, Zhu Zheng came back. 'Oh, it's like this...' Zhu Zheng replied: 'They are taking the plane at 3 o'clock in the afternoon next Friday, and they will arrive at about 6 o'clock in the evening. They are a group of 5 people, led by Manager Wang of the purchasing department, and I will follow them. Having said that, our company will send someone to the airport to meet you.    In addition, they plan to visit for two days, and the specific itinerary will be discussed after the two parties. For the convenience of work, I suggest that they be placed in a nearby international hotel. If you agree, the room will be tomorrow. Book in advance.    Also, next week’s weather forecast will rain, I will keep in touch with them at any time, once the situation changes, I will report to you at any time.”    After Zhu Zheng went out, the boss patted me and said, “Now we Let’s talk about your question.'  'No, I already know the reason, I’m bothering you.   I hope that after reading this story, more friends will become excellent employees and excellent leaders!
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