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PM2.5 severely exceeded the projection screen test PK health and environmental protection

by:XY Screens     2021-10-14
When it comes to projection screens, everyone must first think of parameters such as material, gain, viewing angle, flatness, etc. However, we tend to overlook health and environmental issues. Compared with the current problem of PM2.5 value explosion, the pollution problem of the projection screen cannot be ignored, and it is quite serious. Test scene    With the improvement of living standards, everyone began to pay attention to the air quality that seriously affects breathing health. When talking about health now, the first thing that comes to mind is PM2.5. Weather forecasts, websites, mobile phones, street notices, etc. are all promoting this high-tech information, and even the necessary chat information for aunts on the street. So what is PM2.5? How will it affect our health? What is the connection with our test projection screen? PM2.5 monitoring information obtained by mobile phones    PM2.5 is a standard for monitoring suspended fine particulate matter. The full name of PM in English is fine particulate matter. Scientists use PM2.5 to indicate the content of such particles per cubic meter of air. The higher the value, the more serious the air pollution. Regardless of the small size of these fine particles, they are invisible to our naked eyes, but they contain a lot of toxic and harmful substances. As these fine particles continue to float, transfer, and sink, they are harmful to human health and the atmospheric environment in any area. Will have long-term adverse effects. The harm of PM2.5 is very serious. These terrible fine particles mainly come from natural sources and man-made sources, but the main harm is the latter. The most obvious hazards in nature are volcanic eruptions and forest fires, but they are small chance events. More harmful waste gas is man-made, including not only fuel combustion, but also smoke and dust emitted by various industries such as power generation, metallurgy, petroleum, chemistry, textile printing and dyeing, and of course, exhaust emissions from various vehicles. Although these exhaust gases are not enough to affect the environment, they have the closest and frequent contact with our people. Beijing Haze that was maliciously commented by the American media     Although the U.S. media commented on Beijing's haze, there are many malicious emotional factors, but PM2.5 is indeed a hot topic of concern to people all over the world. In fact, for most of the older friends, this haze phenomenon is nothing compared to the sandstorms in Beijing 30 years ago; the sandstorms that were unbearable back then are comparable to the flying sand and rocks when the second brother came on stage. Test scene    Because the odor of non-mainstream brand projection screens is very serious, reaching a pungent and unbearable level, we also actually tested the value of PM2.5 when testing the projection screen.
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