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Poem: Hello, teacher

by:XY Screens     2021-08-19
Poem: Hello, Teacher-Teacher's Day Gift (2013.09.10) Author: Teacher Jin Xumin, Hello! In the distance between the water and the sky, today we have not seen you in many years, we greet you softly. Under the solemn flag, bright red flags, immature faces and curious eyes. Under your guidance and your support, our thoughts become mature and our feet become powerful. Dear teacher, dearest person in life, your temples are lightly dyed with silver threads, and your forehead is crooked for years. Beyond the end of the world, the thoughts of you will not change, the mountains and rivers will not change, the love for you will not change, all the love will turn into a rainbow on the horizon, in this ordinary day today, gently dedicate to you!
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