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Powerful interactive projection 2012 Spring Festival Gala is more lifelike

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
The Spring Festival Gala has been with us Chinese people for nearly 30 years, and as people's tastes become more and more critical, the Spring Festival Gala is also facing unprecedented challenges. In 2011, as the Chinese Internet TV station began to host the Internet Spring Festival Gala, people have more platforms to celebrate this traditional festival together, and they have been loved by netizens. Once the 2012 Year of the Dragon Network Spring Festival Gala was broadcast, 'My Network Legend'My Internet Legend' combines the current 3D projection high-tech technology, combining 3D images with real-life performances. The program also integrates various art forms such as dance, martial arts, and sketches to show netizens across the country their online life. 'My Internet Legend' combines reality and illusion, which resonated with netizens. In this show, a careful audience will find that the monsters in the background are all attached with their own names, such as Zhiyang Bird, Gu Poison Bamboo, and Six-Armed Beast King, and the protagonist’s name is taken as 'Six Sects of Magic WayNangong Wan, these materials are actually from the upcoming game 'Six Sects of the Magic Road'. 'Six Sects of the Demon Path' is adapted from the most popular fantasy novel 'The Legend of Mortal Cultivation'Six Sects of the Magic Road' pioneered the atmospheric ink Chinese painting style, which coincides with the video effect. The dynamic ink is very dynamic, using the most advanced rendering technology to reproduce the ancient charm of Chinese painting. In addition to monsters, scenes such as Taiyue Mountain and Qingniu Town in the game are also reproduced in 'My Online Legend'.  However, for the needs of the broadcast of the program, what we saw on the Internet was the edited version, and now the CNTV game has released an 8-minute online version. In the full version, we can see more stage effects and dance performances of the male and female protagonists, complete 3D projection effects, and a complete storyline. Let us enter the online legend that belongs to you and me!
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