Precautions and advantages of glass curtain wall LED display_led transparent screen|led格珊屏-XY Screen

Precautions and advantages of glass curtain wall LED display_led transparent screen|led格珊屏

by:XY Screens     2021-08-26
The glass curtain wall LED display does not need any auxiliary heat dissipation equipment because of its high transparency, no noise, low power consumption and other good performances, which can let the wind naturally dissipate heat. When it plays a video advertisement, the part of the content that is played is illuminated, and the rest is not illuminated. It saves more than 30% of energy than the conventional LED display. This playback method can also reduce energy consumption and light pollution, responding to the national energy saving and emission reduction Call. The glass curtain wall LED display is also called the LED glass screen, which is a kind of bright screen, which has the characteristics of lightness and transparency. LED glass screens are generally installed in the glass of buildings, which not only have the practicability of traditional display screens, but also have certain aesthetics and concealment.     LED transparent display application scope:      LED transparent screen is widely used in places with glass curtain walls, such as banks, shopping malls, theaters, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings and so on. Two points should be paid attention to when choosing:      1. The environment where the display screen is located      2. It is best to observe the distance between the azimuth and the azimuth of the display screen. As long as you understand these, you can choose the glass screen that matches your environment and achieves the best effect.     Like some of the conventional indoor and outdoor led display screens we usually see, we are relatively familiar, but as far as indoor led glass screens are concerned, you may not know so much. After introducing the above content, I believe that everyone also has a certain understanding of glass bottles. When you need to buy a glass screen, you will not be so confused and unable to start. Advantages of glass curtain wall led display: 1. High transmittance: more than 80% of the transmittance to reduce the impact on the light transmission of the glass curtain wall; 2. Light, thin, small, easy to install and maintain, glass curtain wall led display After the screen is installed, it occupies almost no space and does not interfere with other facilities or structures near the glass curtain wall. 3. Color variable: The display unit itself can customize the color according to the requirements of the environment, without changing the original style of the building during the day, and displaying video images at night; 4. Adjustable dot pitch: for most curtain walls with the characteristics of a curved structure, light bars The vertical cascade is adopted, and the horizontal dot pitch can be adjusted at will to ensure the perfect transition of the image; 5. No power supply, no system design: Switching power supply and control system are devices that are more prone to failure in the display screen, and are not easy to install and affect Beautiful, therefore, conceal it on the first floor or easy-to-maintain floors, and the transmission distance of power supply and signal can reach 50 meters or higher; 6. Modular design is conducive to mass production and rapid installation on site. Size, flexible changeable module size 7. Simple installation, no need to erect another steel structure during product installation, directly relying on the existing structure of the building, low installation cost. The glass curtain wall LED display is a kind of LED display. It is specially designed for the lighting of the glass curtain wall. It has more powerful functions than traditional lighting. It is integrated with the building during the day and can play video at night like a traditional LED display. , Pictures, text and other content, super large area display, the effect is more impressive.
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