Precautions for the selection of LED displays in hotel banquet halls_Indoor LED Display|LED Display

Precautions for the selection of LED displays in hotel banquet halls_Indoor LED Display|LED Display Manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-08-16
Indoor LED displays are favored by advertisers in large hotels and supermarkets because of their good display effects and visual experience. So what should be paid attention to when choosing LED display in hotel banquet hall? The advantages of ordinary rear-projection display screens are small pixels and high definition, but the disadvantages are low brightness, small viewing angle, and short lens lamp life (only a few thousand hours). The advantages of DLP are small pixels and high definition. The disadvantage is that there are seams. The smallest seam can reach 1mm. Rear-projection and plasma displays are suitable for closer viewing. For indoor LED displays, the advantages are high brightness and no seams, but the disadvantage is that the pixel particles are coarser and the definition is low. The current commercial indoor full-color LED screen is more economical model is P5 P6, other models are P3 P4 P7.62 P8 and so on. The LED display is suitable for indoor places where the viewing distance is relatively long. When choosing a banquet hall LED display, you can consider the following aspects in general indoor environment, the screen area will exceed 3 square meters. Therefore, in this case, there are 3 options for ordinary rear projection, DLP (digital liquid crystal rear projection) and LED display. 1. Die core: same as outdoor full-color LED screens, it is generally recommended to use LED-encapsulated light-emitting diodes for indoor full-color display screens. For high-end products, it is recommended to use Japanese Nichia and American CREE cores. 2. Density: Due to the high heat generation of indoor full-color LED chips and the high density of control circuits, the dot density of commercial full-color screens cannot be made very high. Lianchengfa indoor screen models include P1.6 P2 P2 .5 P3 P4 P5, P6, P7.62, P8, etc. 3. Package form: The surface mount package 3528 2121 1010 has the advantages of large viewing angle, good luminous consistency, easy automatic welding and processing, and it is the mainstream product of full color screen. 4. Drive mode: The drive mode of indoor full-color LED screens is constant current drive, using dynamic scanning mode (mainly 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc. scanning methods). 5. Refresh frequency: increase the refresh frequency, no flicker or tailing under camera shooting. A high-quality P3 full-color display should meet the following conditions: 1. High color consistency and no color difference 2. The display has good flatness and no gaps (control within 1mm) 3. High refresh rate (1920HZ/S) ) 4. High gray level, no color distortion 5. Energy saving and environmental protection, power consumption below 400W per square meter 6. Long service life, at least 6-8 years or more 7. Long-term continuous use, high stability, low failure rate LED The size of the display manufacturer and brand, price, usage, installation location environment, etc. The above are some suggestions on the selection of LED display in hotel banquet halls. For more related questions, please contact us to answer.
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