Precautions when choosing a full-color electronic LED display_full-color LED display manufacturer Hu

Precautions when choosing a full-color electronic LED display_full-color LED display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-08-17
Supermarkets and shopping malls have become an indispensable part of people's lives, and full-color LED electronic displays are iconic buildings to some extent, so the use of LED displays for supermarkets and shopping malls must be cautious. So how can a business buy a satisfactory and artistic display screen for their mall? Supermarkets and shopping malls LED advertising display screens mainly display information such as advertisements and promotions. They mainly display text information and require low prices. Therefore, P10 outdoor and semi-outdoor led displays can be used; if the display effect is required, indoor P5, P6, P7 can be used. .62, P8 full-color display and outdoor P10, P12 full-color led display. In addition to the price and model of the LED display, it needs to be further selected from the following three aspects:      (1) Brightness Indoor general illuminance environment is recommended to use indoor led display; outdoor should be used for outdoor led display; in the open Semi-outdoor LED display is recommended for strong lighting environments such as halls, eaves, outdoor canopies or under the sun roof;     (2) Display content If you need to display video pictures, it is recommended to choose a full-color display. The video image needs at least 50,000 dots or more to have a clear display effect. The display resolution (total pixel density) should be X (row) * Y (column) ≥ 50000 dots. For example, the customer chooses Huaze Optoelectronics P8 outdoor LED display, and the pixel density (dots/square meter) is 15625, so At least 50000/15625u003d3.2 square meters is required to achieve the display effect. If you play text, data, tables, three-dimensional graphics, and animation, you should choose a dual-base color grayscale display;     If you play text, data, tables, and two-dimensional graphics, you can choose a dual-primary color LED display;     If you play text, For data and tables, then you can choose a monochrome display.    (3) Information capacity and viewing distance      There is no limit to the content of information displayed on the LED display, but the content that appears on one screen is limited. The best viewing distance of different models of display screens is different, such as P8 outdoor full-color led display, the best viewing distance is 8~27 meters, the viewing distance is less than 8 meters, the picture is strong and unclear; the viewing distance is more than 30 meters, the screen The area is not large, and the picture looks too small.
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