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Preschool AR large-screen projection usher in new opportunities

by:XY Screens     2021-09-11
Nowadays, as the learning age continues to decline, many children have begun to accept many learning activities that have varying degrees of impact on the future physical growth and the development of cognition, emotion, personality and other aspects in the early childhood. There is no doubt about the importance of learning, and letting children learn happily and learning to learn has become a major topic in the field of children's learning today. In the face of philosophical thinking, how to improve the effect of learning is the key. For young children like elementary schools and kindergartens, learning methods need to attract their attention and arouse their interest. It would be best if they can be entertaining and entertaining. In the past, teachers needed to design interesting game methods or make various teaching/game props to increase the fun. Nowadays, with the help of professional audio-visual equipment, happy learning has become easier to achieve. The colorful transformation of images and the full range of audio-visual effects can not only fully attract children’s concerns and interests, but also make children more deeply remember and understand. Interactive interactive images make children more immersive. Feel more knowledge experience. At various exhibitions, you can see various innovative audio-visual solutions such as AR interactive wall, large-screen throwing/shooting, sand digging and treasure hunting, so that children are not tired of learning. In the field of early childhood education, interesting teaching equipment that combines large screens, AR/VR and interactive technologies will become more and more popular. Coupled with the stimulation of the two-child policy, the scale of the early childhood education market is expected to continue to grow in the next few years, and it is worthy of the attention of audio-visual integrators.
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