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Private cinema created by GTL speakers in parallel with music and movies

by:XY Screens     2021-08-12
In 2010, the well-known American audio magazine 'CEpro' once organized a blind listening session. In this blind listening session, GTL AE963 stood out. The case introduced today was created with the legendary AE963 product. This proposal comes from a project of Beijing Zhe Ni Private Cinema in Tianjin. If you have visited the exhibition hall of the Beijing headquarters of Zheni Private Cinema, you will definitely be impressed by the hall. And this case is actually a successful copy of the shrinking of the Zhni Classic Hall. Of course, the theater designer also optimized it accordingly for the space. The main speaker used in this audio-visual room is AE 963 from GTL. AE 963 has won the title of the best in-wall speaker in the United States in 2010 (from CEpro, the most influential audio magazine in the United States). It uses 1 9-inch carbon fiber woofer and 1 5.5-inch midrange speaker. 1 3-inch dome tweeter. The entire audio-visual room adopts a dark blue tone, and the side walls and back walls are both sound-permeable wall structures. All acoustic materials hide the top-level twill weave sound-transmitting screen. This solution uses the Zheni top-level twill weave sound-transmitting screen. This type of screen uses a double-layer screen. (Interference fringes) The phenomenon is controlled at the limit, without sacrificing HD high-definition picture quality, unparalleled sound transmission is realized, the screen gain is 0.95±0.05, the single-sided viewing angle is 75°, the color reproduction is very strong, and the contrast is high. , Can restore the large-scale picture to the viewer's eyes. The back side adopts a metal film backing layer. The projector light passing through the woven hole is reflected by the wall or equipment, and returning to the back of the projection screen again will form a light spot and reduce the contrast. The screen uses a metal back film technology to return the unwanted The light is successfully blocked, and this back layer has the advantages of strong durability, dustproof and antistatic. The screen is made of multi-diamond aluminum alloy material, which is stable and durable. The frame is treated with a new-type velvet process, covering the top black velvet on the aluminum alloy frame, and the cold black frame projects the noble temperament of the screen. The sound-transmitting wall design with separate upper and lower sides is used on the side to facilitate the placement of different materials or speakers. Taking into account the cost-effectiveness of the entire program, the surround of this room does not use AE 963, but uses the more cost-effective AE 653. The AE 653 is a two-way speaker with a 6.5-inch (16.51 cm) woofer. Woven carbon fiber woofer with butyl rubber surrounds and a 1.5-inch tweeter. Open the sound-transmitting wall, among them is the distributed listening or expansion material, theater dedicated two-seater sofa, and deep private theater smart lighting and central control. Contorl4 product projector Runco LS-3 is used in this project. The projector in this scheme uses the United States. The LS-3 of Runco, the first brand of home projectors. Since its inception, Runco has witnessed every important history of projection technology, and has won numerous awards for its professional technology and excellent quality. Runco's LS-3 is a standard household model with 1000 ANSI lumens, suitable for most household environments. DLP technology continues the picture characteristics of American projectors, with natural colors, rich picture levels, and different ISF adjustment modes. The warranty is 2 years, and the bulb is guaranteed for half a year or 1000 hours.
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