Problems that should be paid attention to when choosing a projection screen for civil air defense pr

[Problems that should be paid attention to when choosing a projection screen for civil air defense projects and their solutions] Project projection screens

by:XY Screens     2021-11-09
The precise processing and display of visual information in the projection system has been widely adopted by modern civil air defense combat command systems. However, there are some issues that should be paid attention to when choosing a civil air defense project projection screen:

1. Due to the limitation of geographical space, the room space of the civil air defense project is limited, so it is not suitable to use a large display screen.
2. All passages in the civil air defense project are very narrow in width and height, and the door of the room is also small. The size of the large screen is limited, and it is inconvenient to carry and construct.
3. The underground environment has poor air circulation and high humidity. The screen should be moldy and deformed and have a short service life.
4. The ambient light in the underground air defense site is weak, and light must be used. The screen will reflect light and affect the clarity of the picture.
Bao Shi Ying Ge TM brand Atlas (Atlas) civil air defense engineering special screen, completely solve the above problems. It has become the first choice for many civil air defense projects as the projection system project.

1. It adopts front projection flat hard screen and wall-mounted installation, which is simple and convenient. The thickness of the screen is less than 50mm, and it can be embedded in the wall, occupying very little space.
2. Using self-designed rollable screen structure layer, so that the screen can be rolled up and transported,
The screen size can be unlimited, and no matter how big the screen is, the width of the screen after curling is within 1 meter, and general passages or doors can pass through.
3. The screen adopts imported material resin, which has high hardness, strong rigidity, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-deformation, and long service life.
4. The coating adopts a special technical composite process, designed for the viewing angle and gain of the underground air defense field environment, so that the projection screen has high contrast, strong resolution, clear images, and good color reproduction.
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