Product features of Huaze Optoelectronics interactive induction LED floor tile screen_ground LED dis

Product features of Huaze Optoelectronics interactive induction LED floor tile screen_ground LED display | full color LED display manufacturer

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
Since the interactive induction LED floor tile screen entered the market, LED floor tile screens have been widely used in environments such as stages, hotels, and squares. The led floor tile screen can also be called the ground led display screen or the led floor screen. No matter how you call it, the effect of the led floor tile screen is unquestionable and has been unanimously recognized by the market. The more popular glass plank road from last year to this year is also the LED floor tile screen. Because of its different uses, it is also called the glass plank road special effect LED display. With the help of radar sensing mode, the glass plank road fragmentation effect is realized on the glass plank road to attract more Tourists, and achieved outstanding results. Today, I will take you to understand the product features of Huaze Optoelectronics Interactive Sensor LED Floor Tile Screen. The interactive induction LED floor tile screen adopts the front maintenance technology: the positioning pin on the product box prevents the box from being arbitrarily removed from the large led screen, which brings inconvenience to some on-site emergency repairs. In response to this phenomenon, the pre-product maintenance technology plays a decisive role. It enables the cabinet to be taken out of the large LED screen at will, which facilitates on-site emergency maintenance and is loved by the majority of customers. This technology will be the LED display industry The necessary development trend. The LED floor tile screen adopts PCB circuit board with perforation design: it is convenient to connect the face bearing column of the plastic kit and the bottom bottom shell, and the PCB and lamp beads are fixed in the plastic kit to prevent trampling damage. The interactive sensing technology of the LED floor tile screen should be more flexible to capture the movement of objects in the control range, so that the interactive technology is more flexible, accurate, error-free, and delay-free. The LED floor tile screen can be diversified or installed vertically, and its display effect is better than that of the indoor LED display, making the product diversified and feasible. LED floor tile screen high load-bearing performance: professional iron box material structure design, lighter weight, stronger structure, load-bearing 2.5-3 tons/m2. Interactive induction LED floor tile screen application scope: used in bar stage, banquet hall, car exhibition, high-end hotel decoration, open-air colorful skating rink, hotel, cinema, gymnasium, stadium, TV station and other occasions.
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